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Every little peace matters

Emma's Peace

Thought I’d get a jump on the holidays with this card created by Emma, age 6.  Emma’s “Pees on -th” card (translation:  Peace on Earth) is part of the  One Million Peace Signs project on Flickr.   Check out the group’s website and blog.

Here’s what the project is about:

“Peace can start small, and every single act of Peace matters. Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to make a huge impact on Peace today…but maybe you can still commit some Little Act of Peace. And you can pass it on…right here. Brainstorm it at the dinner table and add your idea…we think it’s gonna be something we can all learn from and add to!”

Grab a Sharpie and do a Peace Doodle!

As of this posting, Emma’s photo is one of 9,006 photos from 2,988 members in 321 days.   Scrolling through the images is not only moving but inspiring.  I don’t know about you, but there are never enough ways to say “peace.”

Check out some of the amazing peace statements that have been submitted, then remember you don’t have to climb the highest mountain to spread the peace word; sometimes a Sharpie scribble is enough.


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