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Radio 4 Sings Sharpie-Beckham Backup

Radio 4, a hot pop band out of NYC, gets a big Beckham break with “Give It To Me,” the cool new remix heard in the Sharpie TV commercial featuring David Beckham that aired earlier this year.

Sharpie has a two-year partnership with the soccer superstar that includes TV and print ads, in-store promotions, personal appearances and more.  In fact, go to right now and you can enter to win a chance to meet David Beckham in person.

Sharpie brand managers love the song and it’s been getting plenty of playtime at Sharpie’s Oak Brook, Illinois headquarters.

How about a Sharpie-Radio 4 concert in Central Park?   Give it to me, I want it!!

Read on for more about the band…


Radio 4 is a band from Brooklyn who formed in 1999. They claim that their sound, which has been described as “danceable punk,” is “made in New York, is about New York, and sounds like New York”.

The band is a five-piece, comprising Anthony Roman (Vocals/Bass), David Milone (Vocals/Guitar) (who replaced original guitarist/singer Tommy Williams in 2005), Gerard Garone (Keyboards), Greg Collins (Drums), and P.J. O’Connor (Percussion).  The band was originally a trio, comprising Anthony Roman, Tommy Williams and Greg Collins.

They cite a variety of influences, including Gang of Four, Mission of Burma, Primal Scream and Zero Zero, though their lively punk sound combined with their militant political stance inevitably draws a strong comparison with The Clash.

Their name comes from a Public Image Ltd. song from that group’s second album.

Official Website:



  • The New Song & Dance (May 2000, Gern Blandsten Records)
  • Gotham! (April 2002, Gern Blandsten Records)
  • Stealing of a Nation (September 2004, Astralwerks)
  • Enemies Like This (May 2006, Astralwerks)


  • Dance to the Underground (June 2001, Gern Blandsten Records)
  • Electrify (August 2004, Astralwerks)
  • Enemies Like This Remixes (September 2006, Astralwerks)
  • Packing Things Up on the Scene (October 2006, Astralwerks/EMI)


  • Beat Around the Bush (1999, Gern Blandsten Records)
  • Dance to the Underground (June 2001, City Slang)
  • Struggle (May 2002, City Slang)
  • Eyes Wide Open (May 2002, City Slang)
  • Party Crashers (July 2004, Astralwerks/City Slang)
  • Absolute Affirmation (September 2004, City Slang)
  • State of Alert (November 2004, City Slang)
  • Enemies Like This (May 2006, Astralwerks)
  • Packing Things Up on the Scene (October 2006, Astralwerks/EMI)
  • As Far As The Eye Can See (August 2007, Astralwerks/EMI

“Give It To Me” – this song will be released later this summer on a forthcoming CD.

Films and Commercials:

  • Caroline” is featured in “Rooney – Heart” in Nike’s Joga Bonito series of advertisements.
  • Dance to the Underground” is featured in the musical score of Grandma’s Boy, produced by Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison in 2006.
  • Start a Fire” from the album Gotham! has been featured in commercials for FX’s show Rescue Me.
  • Enemies Like This” has been featured in commercials for the National Geographic Channel’s documentary series Critical Situationc.
  • Calling All Enthusiasts” was used in commercials for the new Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes in 2004.

Bio Source: Wikipedia

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