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Sharpie has a blog!

Welcome to the new Sharpie Blog, finally ready for prime time.  It’s hard to believe we’re here, ready to start sharing and talking with all of you, our loyal Sharpie fans.  I admit the last year has been frustrating as we tried to figure out how best to connect with you.   Even more frustrating was the fact that so many of you were using Sharpies in some really cool and creative ways and we had no place to talk about it.   I mean some really amazing stuff!  If it sounds like I’ve been drinking too much of the company Kool-Aid, then pour me another glass, because these Sharpie creations are truly inspiring.  If you don’t believe me, check out the upcoming post on the Sharpie King.    Genius!

Now before you start thinking Sharpie has has gone all gallery on you, I want you to know we haven’t forgotten where we came from.  Sharpie began as a permanent way to label things — exciting stuff, I know — things like storage containers and gym clothes, tools and lunch boxes, folders and CDs.  Not exactly art, but ask anybody who has ever had to label something, and you’ll get a Sharpie endorsement on the spot.  That same permanent feature also helped catapult Sharpie into the glamorous world of celebrity.  Today every A, B, C (and D list – can’t forget Kathy Griffin) celebrity on the planet uses Sharpie markers to sign autographs (a special thanks to football’s T.O. who helped things along during Sharpie-Gate).  That’s a pretty big resume for a little ol’ marker, and some of the Sharpie stuff we’ll be talking about here too.

(If you really want to wrap your head around all this Sharpie business, check out Sharpie Nation).

I could talk Sharpie all day but the boss knows that’s too much fun so I’m turning this blog over to you.  If you’ve got something cool you’d like to share about Sharpie, just drop me a note on the contact page.  Don’t be shy.  We mean it when we say “Write Out Loud!”

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

11 thoughts on “Sharpie has a blog!

  1. I’m excited you now have a blog. I’m a big Sharpie fan. I use the silver metallic Sharpie whenever I can. My kids love the minis. Not sure why but they want 1 of every color. Good luck.

  2. I am thrilled Sharpie now has a blog. There are so many Sharpie artists and fans and this will be an excellent place for them to come together and engage with the Sharpie team.

    Congratulations on launching another Newell Rubbermaid social media effort. Wishing you great success!!!

  3. Thanks, everyone. Really, really, REALLY appreciate the support. This is so much fun – when do I get to quit my day job?!?!?

  4. I blogged recently about my Sharpie obsession which prompted a colleague to send me this link. Am weeping with joy! Not just to have a place to share Sharpie love, but also to see a branded blog done well…great job!

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