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Heather and Lola – The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola, The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola: Sharpie Answer Girls

They’re baaaaaaaaack!  Heather and Lola, the Sharpie Answer Girls.  Heather and Lola work in Sharpie’s consumer affairs department and are here every Friday with answers to some of the many questions they receive from people just like you.

Today’s question is an important one.  I mean it’s not everyday you run into a celebrity and get an autograph on your t-shirt.  The only problem is how to preserve it for posterity.  Heather and Lola are on it…

Q:  My son ran into a celebrity on vacation and had him autograph his t-shirt with the Sharpie marker we packed for marking our belongings. We want to set the ink so it does not wash out. Any suggestions?

Janet G., Tallahassee, FL

A: Janet,
Before you wash the shirt, be sure to apply a heat setting to it. We suggest ironing the shirt or throwing it in the dryer for a few hot minutes. You can launder it, but in order to minimize the fading, heat should be applied first. The ink, just like any screen print, may fade after numerous washes but the initial heat setting may help protect the evidence that he met the real deal.
For future vacations, let me suggest the Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry marker. The Rub-a-Dub Laundry marker marks permanent on cloth and stays permanent though washing and dry cleaning. It is great for marking anything that will be going through the wash. Our kids use it to label their belongings before going to summer camp. We also use it to separate the families’ socks on laundry days.

If you have a question about Sharpie markers, post a message below or email us as Thanks and be sure to check back to see if your answer gets published here!

60 thoughts on “Heather and Lola – The Sharpie Answer Girls

  1. My daughter recently got Johnny Depp’s signature on a pistol holder with a sharpie marker. Does anyone have an idea of how to preserve this?

  2. I want to preserve an autograph on a football jersey. I understand a blue Sharpie is best. What do you suggest?

  3. Would applying clear nail polish on it preserve the sharpie signature?? Because i have some clothing with nail polish on it that have yet to come off from years ago.

  4. Hi, im getting an autograph soon on a quarter that is a necklace now.( I drilled a hole in it) since I never take it off, I was wondering if the sharpie would come off after many showers. Thanks : )

  5. I was looking for a solution like this but my signature is on a jersey type shirt so it has numbers that can not be ironed – what about a stoch guard type product?

  6. What can I put over an autograph on a volleyball to keep the Sharpie ink from smearing?

  7. I have a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin signed by Rob Zombie and his band but itis rubbing off in some places. How can i keep the rest of it from rubbing off too?

  8. I have been searching the internet for an answer to my questions and across this website. I wanted to know if a sharpie marker could be used on a t-shirt without having it wash out. My 5 year old son just started his first year of kindergarten. I bought him and I a school t-shirt and wanted everyone to sign it but was worried a sharpie marker would eventually start fading. I was reading above something about a Sharpie rub a dub laundry marker and wanted to know where i could find one. This is the first i have ever heard of this. I live in michigan and have never seen it advertise in stores or on TV.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to prevent sharpies from fading other then using that Rob a dub laundry marker?

  9. I got the back of my phone case signed by my favorite singer. How do I preserve the signature so my phone can be in the case? It is the only case I have for it. Would hairspray work?

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