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Heather and Lola – The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola, The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola: Sharpie Answer Girls

They’re baaaaaaaaack!  Heather and Lola, the Sharpie Answer Girls.  Heather and Lola work in Sharpie’s consumer affairs department and are here every Friday with answers to some of the many questions they receive from people just like you.

Today’s question is an important one.  I mean it’s not everyday you run into a celebrity and get an autograph on your t-shirt.  The only problem is how to preserve it for posterity.  Heather and Lola are on it…

Q:  My son ran into a celebrity on vacation and had him autograph his t-shirt with the Sharpie marker we packed for marking our belongings. We want to set the ink so it does not wash out. Any suggestions?

Janet G., Tallahassee, FL

A: Janet,
Before you wash the shirt, be sure to apply a heat setting to it. We suggest ironing the shirt or throwing it in the dryer for a few hot minutes. You can launder it, but in order to minimize the fading, heat should be applied first. The ink, just like any screen print, may fade after numerous washes but the initial heat setting may help protect the evidence that he met the real deal.
For future vacations, let me suggest the Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry marker. The Rub-a-Dub Laundry marker marks permanent on cloth and stays permanent though washing and dry cleaning. It is great for marking anything that will be going through the wash. Our kids use it to label their belongings before going to summer camp. We also use it to separate the families’ socks on laundry days.

If you have a question about Sharpie markers, post a message below or email us as Thanks and be sure to check back to see if your answer gets published here!

60 thoughts on “Heather and Lola – The Sharpie Answer Girls

  1. Your suggestions are appreciated, but in my case the T shirt wasn’t ever washed – it was meant to be a collectors item…the 4color image on the shirt must have had something in it that absorbed the shaprie ink…it just disappeared into the picture in about a year…

  2. My 2 year old found a Sharpie and colored all over my couch! It has a stain guard on it, but everything I have tried has not worked! Any suggestions?????????

  3. I had a vinyl pool stick case signed by a pro pool player. They used a silver Sharpie. How can I preserve the autograph?

  4. I have a similar question about a glossy poster that was autographed in black sharpie. It has been framed for the past 8 years or so under UV glass but the signature is fading. Any ideas how to prevent further fading without damaging the poster?

  5. Greatings,

    I have been a loyal Sharpie ultra fine point user since college in the late 70′s. I am now involved with a major project involving journals and using the ultra fine point marker with my promotion, I recently placed an order of over 1500 pieces to find out that I now have to order 10,000 pieces due to your company longer offering this product for promotional marketing. I need to know why and get options. If the same marker is being sold at retail, why is this a special order at such a high number when the only change is an imprint?

  6. Greetings,

    I have been a loyal Sharpie ultra fine point user since college in the late 70′s. I am now involved with a major project involving journals and using the ultra fine point marker with my promotion, I recently placed an order of over 1500 pieces to find out that I now have to order 10,000 pieces due to your company longer offering this product for promotional marketing. I need to know why and get options. If the same marker is being sold at retail, why is this a special order at such a high number when the only change is an imprint?

  7. Is the Sharpie Pen ever going to come out in more colors? If so, when and which ones?

  8. They’ll be out at back-to-school time this year. Two new colors – orange and purple joining black, red, blue and green. Hope you like them!

  9. I have been doing a lot of research about how to get Sharpie colors, including writing and phoning Sharpie, among other places. Is there any plan to ever come out with a full set of all the different colors? I know there’s a market for it, as my online research showed other people asking the question but no one answering it!

  10. While we do make a 24-pack most often found at club stores (i.e. Sam’s), your best bet for picking up all the colors is Office Depot. Office Depot has what we can an “open stock” display of Sharpies, meaning you can pick and choose the colors you want – or buy them all! Hope this helps.

  11. There are also 29-packs and 30-packs, if you look around, and believe me I have. But that’s all in the US. Are there any plans to release them into the wild, i.e., the rest of the world? Because I’m in London.
    Not that I’m eager or anything…

  12. i left my sharpie out with the top off and it dried out is there any way i can get it to work agin

  13. If a marker is left uncapped the only thing you can try is to recap it immediately and let it sit for 48 hours to see if the ink rejuvenates itself. If not, unfortunately the marker is completely dried out. Fingers crossed!

  14. my daughter decorated a pair of converse with sharpie, and just loves them. although she does not wear them in the rain, some of the colors are slightly bleeding. what can we do to set them?

  15. This weekend I had a celebrity musician sign the head of my banjo with a black Sharpie. (gosh, am I most fortunate on this one)

    The signature is in a place where it will receive some wear from my hand. What do you suggest I do to preserve and protect this most valuable archive?

    Thank you,

    Joe Ray

  16. I LOVE SHARPIES..have doezens of them everywhere in my bags, desk , drawers, closet you name it i have one in there….but i wanted to expiriment with tattooing….i cannot see,to get it to stay on!! Washed right off with soap and water

    I was wondering is there a trick to getting it to be semi perm on your skin so that is does NOT transfer to sheets, sleeves, LEATHER SOFA (white Italian leather to be exact-oh that was almost a relationship ruined with my boyfriend..LOL) and other stuff. ALl i had to do was rub with some soap and water and it came off…I want something i can shower with that UNLESS i use soap or acetone or something like that-it stays on.

    GOt any ideas how to make sharpie do that???

  17. My son had a football helmet that the Chicago Bears autographed for him after a practice one day. Problem is, his dad brought the BLACK Sharpie paint marker instead of the WHITE (helmet is dark blue). Is there any way to make the black paint marker signatures lighter? I know you can use dry erase markers to get Sharpie off things, wondered if the black can be changed.

  18. I’m getting a black football helmet autographed. I want to use purple for the Ravens colors so I bought a purple paint sharpie pen. Will this be ok and how do I make sure the autograph stays fresh????

  19. Hi,

    I created a portrait of President Obama and invited the public to write comments on the canvas. I have noticed that some of the comments are beginning to fade. What can I do to preserve this art?

  20. My wife on her retirement has a plate with comments from her co workers written on it. What can I use to preserve it.
    Thanks , Doff

  21. How can I preserve an autograph (signed with a Sharpie of course) on a motorcycle helmet? Thanks! Love your show!

  22. I have what amounts to a custom mousepad with art drawn in sharpie. things were spilled on it and i need to wash it. is there any way to protect the artwork?

  23. My brother has an autograph signed with a black Sharpie on a white number iron on graphic. is there any way to preserve that?

  24. My daughter had a pair of black suede boots autographed with a silver sharpie, is there anyway I can preserve it so it doesnt fade away. Thanks

  25. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can recommend as a sure solution. Suede is a unique surface and permanency can vary with wear, exposure to the elements, and age. You might check with a leather expert…and maybe tuck these special boots away in a closet!

  26. I got my ukulele signed but I think the signature is fading! any tips on how to prevent this??? I still use the ukulele. thanks!!!

  27. Hey, so I went to a concert the other day and I had too of the people from one of my favorite bands sign my phone, but I carry my phone in my back pocket most of the time. How can I protect it from rubbing off from wear-n-tear?

  28. I noticed there are pictures of several cars out there with sharpie murals on them. I paint cars for a hobby and I can’t help to wonder, even after the murals gets clear coated would the murals still fade over time? I would love to try this out but I am a little scared that over time the color would fade. Thanks, Tom

  29. Last weekend a “celebrity” signed the screen printed logo on my sweatshirt. Since it’s on the painted design I’m afraid it will wear off. Any suggestions on how to keep it from washing or wearing off? Since I didn’t ask for him to sign it, it makes it a little more special to me so I’d like to preserve it for as long as possible. Thanks.

  30. Attractive component to content. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing on your augment or even I achievement you get entry to persistently rapidly.

  31. Hi- I had my shirt signed by Superchic[k](with sharpie), but I already washed it. The signatures faded a little. Can I still apply high heat to the shirt and preserve the already faded signatures? Thanks :)

  32. Hey Anita! I spoke with someone in our fabulous consumer affairs group and she unfortunately said we cannot guarantee that this will seal the signature permanently, but you can definitely give the heat seal method a try. I hope that helps!

  33. Hello,
    I have a quick question concerning Anita’s situation. My situation is pretty much the same situation. I have washed my shirt several times and my teamates singatures are beginning to fade a bit. my questions to you are are you speaking of the dryers high heat setting and for how long in the dryer? I love this shirt and hope I can preserve them for even longer!

  34. Hey, I had some friends sign and add artwork to my Kayaking Helmet it’s coated in a layer of plastic so it wasn’t damaged, but is there a way I can coat the Sharpie so that it will last even when being used daily?

  35. I got an autograph from a raves player on a football. it’s written in sharpie… how do i make it not rub off?

  36. I think I’ll be alright so long as I don’t rub or wash it, but I got a musical artist – Lights – to sign my wrist. I plan to get it tatooed over, but I work the next two days and won’t be able to visit a shop immediately. I hope it will last until then…

  37. I have a plastic Connect 4 game set autographed by the game’s inventor with a black Sharpie. Any ideas or products I can use to preserve the autograph?

  38. Sharpie on plastic hard hat. Tried clear spray but the sharpie ran. Lost 4 signatures. Help!!

  39. Is it safe to tattoo over silver sharpie? My idol signed my wrist in silver sharpie and I need to know if it’s safe to tattoo directly over because I’m getting it done within a few days

  40. Hi, Scotty McCreery signed my daughters stainless steel I-pod with a sharpie, how can she keep it from rubbing off? Thanks Jodie

  41. What is the best Sharpie for T-Shirt Designs. I am thinking of using Sharpie’s Oil-Based Paint but I am not sure if it will last.

  42. Recently, my son got Michael Phelps autograph on a latex swim cap with a Sharpie. We are framing the cap behind uv protective glass but is there a spray or some time of product we can put on the autograph and latex to protect even further?

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