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Sharpie Sighting – Olsen Twins

Actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, right, signed copies of their new book, “Influences” at a Barnes & Noble store in New York.  The famous twins remind me that Sharpie offers its own Twin-Tip markers.  Sharpie Super Twin Tip features a Fine tip on one end, a Chisel tip on the other.  The regular Twin Tip has a Fine and Ultra-Fine tip.   Twice the Sharpie fun!

Speaking of autographs, the experts at Sports Card Info offer some tips on getting the best autographs.  Sharpie makes the grade for most items:

Baseball = Ballpoint pen
Football = Sharpie Marker
Basketball = Sharpie Marker
Hockey Puck = Sharpie Marker
Golf Ball = Sharpie Marker
Photograph = Sharpie Marker
Baseball Bat = Sharpie Marker
Sports Card = Sharpie Marker
Hat = Sharpie Marker
Jersey/Pants = Sharpie Marker
Helmets = Sharpie Marker
Index Cards = Ballpoint pen or Sharpie Marker
Pennants = Sharpie Marker
Shoes = Sharpie Marker
Poster = Sharpie Marker
Tickets = Sharpie Marker
Bobblehead = Sharpie Marker
Glove = Sharpie Marker

2 thoughts on “Sharpie Sighting – Olsen Twins

  1. Very informative list but who is getting pants autographed? I suppose it is comforting to know that so many of my autograph inquiries can be satisfied with the standard Sharpie marker.

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