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Get your Sharpie fix at the bus stop

Wow, what a cool idea.  And hats off to whoever is responsible for these fun new interactive billboards that have been getting lots of talk in the blogosphere. 

Coolhunter was first to post about them and inadvertently credit Sharpie for creating them.   IT WASN’T US, I’m sorry to say – although several posts have called us “genius.”  If anyone knows who is behind these, please let me know.  It’s like a Where’s Waldo adventure trying to get to the bottom of this.   Here’s a start:  What country is the license plate from in the photo?   

I haven’t heard about any sightings in the U.S. but would love to play with one myself.

What would you write on it?  What would be your message? 

Reminds me of another cool Sharpie use that went viral wild.  


 From Coolhunter:

Many of us have a fascination with graffiti art, and we sometimes even look over our shoulders to make sure no one’s watching when we scratch out our initials in a freshly laid slab of cement – or carve them into a wooden desk – or even scribble profanities across the stall door in a public restroom.

The creative minds working for Sharpie, the ultimate in permanent markers, have discovered a way to satiate our desires to deface public domain. Interactive e-cast billboards have been scattered around cities, which allow people to experience the rush of creating their own graffiti. Choose some colors, write a message and Sharpie makes it possible for anyone to leave his permanent mark on the side of the bus stop or the public phone or anywhere else billboard adverting may be experienced. 


* One thing we want to be sure to note is that the marks on the billboards are not permanent and that Sharpie does not condone the use of graffiti to deface property. 


10 thoughts on “Get your Sharpie fix at the bus stop

  1. The license plate is german and i think the city where the pictures were taken is Hamburg (although the plate is from another german city). I live in Hamburg and the left pic pretty much looks like the trainstation “Baumwall”. Never seen and heard of these interactive billboards before though. However, cool idea! But what’s or who’s behind it?? Couldn’t solve the mystery so far.

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  3. I’m pretty sure that JCDecaux is a US company. I’ve also seen VW cars with Euro plates on the back and American on the fron, so this picture could possibly be in the US?

  4. That is a pretty cool idea- I saw something similar (but not as cool) in Las Vegas. I forget which hotel, either the Rio or Bellagio, but you could interact with the screen to get information on shows, find a hotel map, get restaurant reviews, etc. They should update it to let you post your reviews on the spot, as I’m pretty sure they came from a web site instead.

  5. First. This looks like Hamburg, Germany. Second it’s fake and looks like an student work. (would guess miami ad school or design factory int.)

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