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And the winner is…

Yes, it’s the new Stainless Steel Sharpie, currently held up in a celebrity gifting suite in L.A., busy hob-nobbing with celebs and other industry big-wigs in an effort to GET NOTICED!   The truth is this is one Sharpie that doesn’t have to shout from the rooftops.  Today I watched as celeb after celeb stepped up to our Sharpie table at Melanie Seigel’s Platinum Party Gifting Suite in West Hollywood (at the super chic Palihouse Hotel) and fawned over the new Sharpie.  Second that with all of my Twitter friends (sharpiesusan) who sent Tweets of praise and want.  And, BTW, it wasn’t just celebs who were doing the drooling, it was everybody in the room – the publicists and camera crews, the photogs and stylists, the girls showing purses and the athletic shoe guy and even the girl wearing the beret selling hi-tech headsets.  People couldn’t keep their hands off of our shiny new toy. 

Lots of you have asked so here are the deets:  $6.99, refillable cartridge ($1.99), fine point, black only (for now) available at Office Depot, Staples, Walmart and other retailers in late March.  Oh, and that’s a laser etched Sharpie logo on the barrel.  Swank!  

Our post-award ceremony reports will start Monday, after the news is out about best picture, best actor and best dressed — and after the new Stainless Steel Sharpie rests up from all the parties and celebrity action here in Tinsel Town.  I know if there was an award for best Sharpie, the new Stainless Steel would take the gold (ok, make that silver).    Whatever the prize, Sharpie would humbly accept, and give thanks to all of you, its long-standing and loyal fans, for always making Sharpie feel special, no matter how we dress it up.  That’s because shiny or not, Sharpie always delivers.  You can’t fake that, not even in LA-LA land.

29 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Isn’t she beautiful!
    Ok, now the fact that I am the first to comment bothers me, perhaps I need to get a life and stop this weird obsession with office supplies. :)

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  4. I bought a Sherpa which is a designer Sharpie cover for the standard Sharpie. As soon as I can I’ll order a case for book signings.

  5. I love sharpie’s. I use them just about everyday. I use them to mark file folders and to mark packages for shipping. I always seem to have a couple on my desk. I love the fine tips.

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  8. What a nice looking pen- being the geek for all things scrapbooking and card making as well as owning an entire large set of sharpies in many different colours- I need this pen

  9. What a beautiful pen……I love sharpies anyway, but haven’t seen this before!!

  10. OMG, I am SO gonna have to have that! I’m a HUGE Sharpie fan, so much so that my family teases me about them all the time. They are TOO perfect for so many needs. Awesome!

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