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Sharpie has a shiny new toy

Sharpie anyone?
Vice President of Global Marketing for Sharpie and
The New Sharpie Stainless Steel Spokesmodel
Q:  Do you ever work or do you just doodle with Sharpies all day?
A:  I do a lot of doodling.  Did you know you can work and doodle at the same time?
Q:  You look like the Terminator in that photo.  Are those robotic fingers?
A:  Actually, that’s me trying to hold onto a bunch of the new stainless steel Sharpies.  They’ll be in stores in March.   In the meantime, I’ve been hording them.  People are angry. 
Q:  Why?
A:  I hide them behind that blue poster on my window ledge.  See it there behind me?  I’m planning ahead for the holidays.
Q:  Don’t you have to buy them at the store like everybody else?
A:  I get a couple of freebies.  You know.  Perks. 
Q:  What can you tell us about this shiny new stainless steel Sharpie? 
A:  It has an etched Sharpie logo on the barrel and a refillable cartridge.  It looks good.  I mean, this is one sweet Sharpie.
Q:  Do you use it to sign autographs?
A:  Not yet but I will after everybody reads this.  Call me.  Let’s do lunch.  

Shiny New Sharpie

15 thoughts on “Sharpie has a shiny new toy

  1. Wow, these are great! I really appreciate the utility of a Sharpie and now I can carry one in a rugged and stylish form. Kudos to your design and marketing dept!

  2. Great looking Sharpie!

    But… Please leave off any Obama personalizations, lol! Hopefully, these new pens don’t require a Stimulus bailout just to by one!

  3. Well it is mid-March, Where are the Sharpies???
    I have been to a few office stores and Wal-Mart a few times. I’m going to check Target tonight.
    Please ship these!!! :)

  4. Any sign of these at retail? No go here at Staples, Office Depot or Wally… Any update on shipping dates?

  5. wow i really want one do they sell all over the us and one more thing how much will they coast? any ways great job on these new sharpies

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