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Autographed Violins Make Sweet Music for Charity


Sweet Sharpie Music

This is really quite amazing (notice my use of the word “quite.” Raise your pinky.  It’s tea time ; ) That Sharpie should be in the same company with some of the world’s most pretigious individuals in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature and Peace.   I’m talking about Nobel Laureates -people nominated to receive Nobel Prizes.  Sharpie is a small player in a unique event that involves a number of Nobel Laureates helping to raise money for medical causes — everything from homelessness to AIDS to diabetes. The initiative involves violins and some of the smartest people ever to grace the planet..oh, and  Sharpie.

Dr. Harold Varmus

Dr. Harold Varmus, Medicine 1989

The Longwood Symphony Orchestra (Brookline, Mass.) has created something called Visual Violins.   Visual Violins is a program where national and international artists design unvarnished violins to raise money for charity.   There is, however, one very special violin that is autographed by Nobel Laureates using Sharpie markers (that’s where we come in) and then auctioned at the Symphony’s annual Gala.

Proceeds from the auction support Longwood Symphony Orchestra’s Healing Art of Music Program.  LSO has recently launched LSO Musicians on Call, a program that brings musicians directly into health care facilities and assisted living residences to share music directly with patients.

Amazingly, the Symphony has traveled a single violin around the world to be autographed by past and current Nobel Laureates.  The gala and auction will be held March 24.

Take a look as some of the brightest minds lend their Sharpie autographs to this worthy cause:

Dr. David Baltimore,     with Heidi Greulich

Dr. David Baltimore, Medicine 1985, with Heidi Greulich

Dr. Edmund Phelps, Economics 2006

Dr. Lisa Wong, President of Longwood Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Allen Counter, President of the Harvard Foundation and Consul General to Sweden, Boston

Prof. Daniel Tsui, Physics 1998

Dr. Eric Kandel, Medicine

Dr. Eric Kandel, Medicine 2000

Tonegawa Susumu and Lisa Wong

Dr. Tonegawa Susumu, Physiology/Medicine 1987, and Dr. Lisa Wong

Below is a list of all of the Nobel Laureates who will have contributed their signatures:

Secretary of Energy Dr. Steve Chu, Physics 1997, with Jack Dennerlein, Associate Professor of Ergonomics and Safety - Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Below is a list of all of the Nobel Laureates who will have contributed their signatures:

Prof. Sidney Altman, Chemistry 1989
Dr. David Baltimore, Medicine 1975
Prof. Günter Blobel, Medicine 1999
Dr. Eric Kandel, Medicine 2000
Dr. William Lipscomb, Chemistry 1976
Dr. Bernard Lown, Peace 1985 (IPPNW)
Dr. Eric Maskin, Economics 2007
Dr. Craig Mello, Physics 2006
Dr. John Nash, Economics 1994
Dr. Edmund Phelps, Economics 2006
Dr. Robert Richardson, Physics 1996
Dr. Phillip Sharp, Medicine 1993
Prof. Daniel Tsui, Physics 1998
Dr. Harold Varmus, Medicine 1989
Prof. James Watson, Medicine 1962
Prof. Frank Wilczek, Physics 2004
Dr. Robert Wilson, Physics 1978

For more information on the Gala, contact Tammy Avery Gibson, 774-240-8060.

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