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It's Never Too Early to Sign with Sharpie: Tori Spelling's Stella Points To A Winner

tori-spelling-gOkay, first things first.  I LOVE how Tori (or her stylist) coordinated her Sharpies – and Stella’s little dress ribbon – to the cover art on her new book, Mommywood. These are the kinds of things that MATTER to moms like me with all the time in the world on their hands (ok, I’m a mom and I have absolutely no time on my hands – or anywhere else for that matter – and still this little color coordination effort just  makes me all happy, so DO NOT dis the perported mom with too much time on her hands – there’s no such thing!).

Anywho, my two teenage daughters watch the Tori & Dean show on Oxygen, and I confess I’ve tuned in myself on occasion.  The show…well…it’s, well, sort of entertaining!  Tori for all her fame and fortune seems kinda real.

Her new book plays up that realness, showing Tori as just another suburban working mom — except that her toddler, Liam, sees her in the pages of Us Weekly.   In the book, Tori talks about how she wants her children to have the one thing she didn’t have as a kid — a normal family.  Tori knows she’s no June Cleaver, but she certainly gives it the ol’ college try, throwing birthday parties and dieting to lose the baby fat before the media catch her in the act of being…normal!

Here’s what Amazon has to say about the book: “With the same down-to-earth wit that made her entertaining memoir sTORI telling a #1 New York Times bestseller, Tori tells the hilarious and humbling stories of life as a mom in the limelight. From learning to be the kind of parent her own mother never was to revealing what it’s like to raise a family while everyone is watching, Mommywood is an irresistible snapshot of celebrity parenthood that you won’t get from the paparazzi.”

Looks like we’ll have to add Mommywood to our collection. Maybe she’ll send me an autographed copy.  I can definitely provide the Sharpie.


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