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Walldraw with Sharpie

sharpie-win-win-inkterns-026Sharpie INKtern (oh, such clever wordplay) Lauren Loro makes her debut today on the Sharpie blog with this great new way to use Sharpie markers - who needs wallpaper!?!?!?!? 

Lauren graduated from DePaul University and is ready for hire… wink wink… 


 Just recently I stumbled on this great idea from – using Sharpie markers to create “wallpaper.”   I could not believe how awesome these drawings were!  And what a cheap way to decorate your room or even dorm room (easy enough to paint over when the school year ends).

The best part is you can customize it any way you want… ultra-modern, contemporary, art deco, or traditiomal. Heck, even if you dont want to cover the entire wall, make an accent wall with one of your creative Sharpie designs! And don’t just stick to one color Sharpie.  Be creative, spice it up with the variety of Sharpie colors and sizes.

And dont forget to send me pictures of your completed project! Or just Tweet me!


 Tools + Materials

  • Sharpie
  • Level
  • Straightedge
  • Pencil

Here’s how, from

1. To create a wall motif similar to the design pictured here, start at the top of the wall. Practice your design on paper first! Draw the molding on the wall, using the level, straightedge, and pencil to lightly mark lines along the ceiling perimeter, then go over them with the marker. For a more formal look to this molding, we added what appear to be dentils (a series of small rectangular blocks), drawing only two sides instead of three and spacing them slightly apart.

2. Measure all the walls and determine a logical length for a repeat pattern, such as the swags near the ceiling. For instance, if one wall is 9 feet and another is 12 feet, they’ll both accommodate a repeat of 3 feet. Pencil lines to mark the beginning and end of each repeat or swag, then fill in with flourishes.

3. To make the “wallpaper,” create a grid using a level, straightedge, and pencil. Rather than drawing lines, mark points at equal intervals vertically and horizontally. Draw flowers at every other point in each row; stagger the designs in adjacent rows. There may be a little difference between each one, but that makes it more fun.

Be creative and UNCAP WHAT’S INSIDE!!

6 thoughts on “Walldraw with Sharpie

  1. love it…been staring at a small empty wall for a while….now I know a fun way to deal with it…I have been considering all sorts of murals…but the whimsy of this appeals greatly =) xox Laura

  2. I’ve been considering doing this for a while. Does anyone know if there is a special treatment you have to put on the wall first? A finish or something?

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