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Graffiti Garcia

This is no ordinary 17-year-old. This man's got skills...

This is no ordinary 17-year-old. This man's got skills...

We are all looking to save money these days. Why not be unique at the same time? This upcoming senior knows what being unique is all about. Doodling and drawing since the age of 13, this young man has a canvas all his own – SHOES. Converse or Vans…you choose.
Q: How long have you been drawing?

Garcia: I’ve been drawing since I was 13. I was influenced by a graffiti drawing my sister brought home from school one of her friends did for her. Since then I’ve taught myself new techniques and forms of art there was to be learned. I would really like to explore the different types of art and things there are to be offered, but then again…money isn’t always around to help out. 

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Q: What are the main types of shoes you draw on?

Garcia: Plain white canvas Vans and High top Converse are the shoes I focus on the most for their material. High top converse and Vans are very useful for all the space they provide me with to draw. It’s so easy to draw on and works great with the sharpies. No smears or smudges except for water. That’s a big problem I have right now. Protecting the art. It would be nice if I could experiment with the different types of paints and art supplies to better my designs though. Other colored shoes aren’t great with multi colored sharpie art which is why I stick with white.

Q: Why are Sharpie products a good fit for this?

Garcia: Well I have tried pens and other plain school markers, map colors and pencils. No other writing utensils match up to the great sharpie. If only there were a greater variety of colors to choose from. I’m sure there is or maybe I just haven’t heard of them. But I love the easy glide sharpie gives when drawing on the shoe. It makes it so much easier than having to constantly go over the same spots again and again. Thin sharpies don’t bleed as much as thick sharpies do on the canvas that’s why I prefer them most. And sharpie also keeps its thick bold color on any surface.

Q: What specific Sharpie tools do you use? Markers, pens, etc.

Garcia: Since I discovered my talent for drawing on shoes from the beginning I’ve only been using thin sharpies. Once in a while I’ll use thick

Got my vans on but they look like sneakers...

Got my vans on but they look like sneakers...

 sharpies to save time for bigger spaces to be filled on the shoes. Everything I do is done free hand. I don’t use any stencils. As for measurements and shape placements, I just wing it and hope it comes out as I plan.

Q: How long does it take for you to complete a design on a pair of shoes?

Garcia: My last design took me three hours. And I believe that was the longest time than I took on any pair before. FYI my last pair was the pair with the Looney Toons and Cars on separate shoes that I just posted on the sharpie website. I have so many ideas and people’s opinions to help me out all I need is a great supply of materials to get the job done. Not only do I get to spend days and possibly my lifetime doing something I love but I also get paid for it.

Q: What’s your favorite design you have made? Why?

Garcia's favorite... I think it's mine too!

Garcia's favorite... I think it's mine too!

Garcia:The Looney tunes design is my favorite. Since I came up with that idea I knew it was gonna be a seller. I loved the challenge and the different characters it involved. So unique. That shoe itself took me about an hour and a half. The first day I advertised them I got so many compliments, requests and phone numbers. It was amazing to me and flattering at how many people admired my shoes. It was definitely worth the time and always will be.

Q: Do you wear the shoes? Sell them?

Garcia: I wear the shoes every day. I only have a pair for myself but I wish I had the money to have a different pair everyday. I do sell them as well. Right now for very cheap as a matter of fact. 40 dollars isn’t much in my pocket. Especially when I have to keep providing myself with more supplies. I’ve been told by so many people though that I’m under-charging and that I could be charging near the hundreds and possibly more.


Q: Have friends or family asked you to draw designs for them?

Garcia: Everyday. I do do my family’s shoes for free

Q: Anything else you’d like to share that I didn’t ask?

Garcia: Yes. Well, I’ve recently been offered a job in Corpus Christi for an underground clothing line. I don’t really trust the owners and my family knows how long I’ve been waiting for my time to be noticed. I’ve looked around so much and as far as this interview, this seems the closest I’ve gotten to being in that limelight. And even if this doesn’t go as I planned I’d like to thank you for requesting this interview and helping me out any way you can. Thank you.

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25 thoughts on “Graffiti Garcia

  1. This guy is amazing at this. and pretty hot too. lol [:
    gawd i wish i had those looney toon shoes haha. awesome. i think i might try that sometime, and i bet i could find a fabric thing to prevent bleeding(water damage).
    I totally dig that graffiti look, i do graffiti insipired doodles a lot lol

  2. Holy bajesus you got talent kid!!!!!!!! Thats some sick skills you should be a artist or a shoe designer

  3. This guy is amazing!!! He makes those people who doodle on the whites of thier shoes look like fools

  4. Thank you for the comments, i really appreciate it! As for the canvas protection, ive been trying to move on to Airbrush art now. Hopefully ill do just as well as with sharpie! Any “?”‘s or comments feel free to ask. Email:

  5. I want to know does the sharpie stay on? I’m gonna do my shoes with sharpie possibly but dont want to use it if it runs or bleeds or fades….

  6. Man i should have just bought some white and black football cleats for you to hook up for me mayn instead of buyin my black yellow and purple ones. One day ill take some vans by your house so you can do some badass greyhound work on it if you can. Man bro I hope you get rich with this for real

  7. I finally read it ha:) thanks man. In time. As for the shrpie in canvas it does stay home. Eventually it will fade but ive had a friend whos gad his for a year and a half and they are barely faded.

  8. If you’re still using Sharpies to draw on your canvas shoes (which look awesome, btw!) you can seal ‘em up with some Outdoor Mod Podge. Google it, that stuff is awesome. Just be careful when applying it. Use short, even strokes and allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next. You can also top that with some kind of acrylic sealer, if you like.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. oh god i want those so bad, not 2 mention that dude is sooooooooo hawt and love the shoes~!!!!!!!

  10. Inuyasha on the Dragon Ball Z shoe, I have no idea. That’s just something the customer wanted. My full name is Aurelio Garcia III. I go by AJ. This blog was posted going on 3 years ago. You can find me on Facebook but I have no pictures of my art. I recently enlisted in the Navy which put a temporary hold on my designing. I still draw here and there when I can. As of now, I would like to get into tattoos.

    I still take orders. I’m currently living in Southern Texas. My email:, if you have Amy questions. I rarely keep up with replies of this blog.

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