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Sharpie Madness at Fashion Week

Fashion Week is CRAZY!  Sharpie is definitely the big hit in the Tents.  Everytime a designer show lets out, the Sharpie Bar is slammed with people!  Everybody wants to be a Sharpie designer and we’re giving them plenty of canvases to choose from, including bracelets like the ones below.  

Have a look at some of the photos below - a quick offering – gotta head back, don’t want to miss a second of all this creative froclicking.    

fash week bracelet

Fashiony Fashion Week Bracelet


DIY Oh My!


That's the Sharpie Bar waaaaay off in the background


Brace yourself


A Betsey girl illustration from the Sharpie Bar backdrop


Sharpie's ad in The Daily, Fashion Week's bible



Sharpie - Uncap What's Inside at

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