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Betsey Johnson and Sharpie at Fashion Week

What better partner for Sharpie on the fashion front than the one and only Betsey Johnson.  If you don’t know who she is, give her a Google.  You can’t miss her signature style.  She’s a true original and, as it turns out, a really nice person.  It’s not everyday you meet a famous person for the first time and they give you a big hug.  She also gets points for being so gracious to the security guard.  That’s Betsey.  Genuine.  She makes her mark wherever she goes. 

Betsey and Sharpie partnered up during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ( today is day three for Team Sharpie).  We set up Sharpie’s first-ever Sharpie Bar and invited editors and attendees to step up in between and after shows to design their own accessories with Sharpie, including plain white bracelets, headbands (donated by Sharpie sister brand Goody – thanks Goody! (skinny ties, sunglasses, fashion bags and more.   As I write this I wonder if the team will survive another day.  Turns out the fashion crowd LOVES Sharpie, so much so that they are willing to stand in lines, suffer the occasional elbow from an editor on the fly– even haggle with a fellow fashionista over a coveted color.  It’s crazy!  And it’s so COOL!!!  Sharpie didn’t have to beg its way into the world of high fashion.  We simply had to show up. And the crowds’ reaction? “Where have you been and what took you so long!?!?!”

Betsey made Sharpie’s  official foray into fashion even more special.  She designed an exclusive Sharpie t-shirt , which we printed up in limited quantities and gave away to attendees on a first come, first served basis (rationing a bit each day so we’d still have some left the following – if you’re reading this and it’s Wednesday and you have a Fashion Week pass, better head on over STAT!)  Then she took it one step further and designed a one-of-a-kind t-shirt for City of Hope cancer research center.  Betsey is a breast cancer survivor.  City of Hope will auction it off along with breast cancer awareness-inspired canvasses from a host of Fashion Week designers in October during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So enough talk…have a look at some of the incredible Fashion Week action,  including Betsey’s visit to the Sharpie Bar where she designed the City of Hope t-shirt RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES…ta da!  Then have a gander at for more fashion fun!


Now that's a Sharpie smile



Betsey behind the Sharpie Bar. Anyone for a "frocktail?"


Always accommodating requests for autographs from her passionate fans - and she has many!


Hard at work adding "doodles," as she called them, to the Sharpie Shirt for City of Hope


Et voila - Betsey Tee for City of Hope!


The paps gathering in front of the Sharpie Bar for Betsey's appearance

betsey shirt

Another shot of her design work


Betsey autographs our Sharpie Bar studio wall


...and keeps on doodling


Betsey's autograph under some of her artwork


betsey invite

Betsey invited us to her show - the highight of Fashion Week! Sharpie gets listed in the program!



Models lined the stage at The Plaza Hotel while music upped the creative vibe


Band Ida Maria rocked the house


Team Sharpie snags a major coup! Models sign autographs with magenta Sharpie -- all sign and pass the Sharpie down the line while the show is in full force!!!


Fashions were AMAZING!


Another model working her celebrity with a Shaprie


Guy models like magenta Sharpies too!


Sign please!


adorable sunglasses

People designed some amazing things with Sharpies - love these Betsey inspired lips


Lips in progress


alex & paige

Animal prints are hot - especially on this Goody headband and sunglasses

head band guy

Fashion flavor de jour

diy camera crew

DIYer at work

green bracellet

Amazing what can be done with Sharpie

crew 2

TV crews wander in and out

bar crowd

Sharpie Bar - did somebody say last call because there's a lot of people here???



Stylist Erica helping with selections, stencils, ideas


Adding a personal touch to Betsey's design


Erica doing an online video show


all shot with a camera phone


Skinny tie design - clever boy


Erica shooting a segment for




Sharpie Team collapsed on the sidewalk in Bryant Park after a hard day's work, feeling guilty because it really doesn't get much better than Fashion Week and Sharpie!

2 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson and Sharpie at Fashion Week

  1. Very cool! Wish I could come doodle with you! Congrats on a very creative debut at Fashion Week.

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