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Sharpie @ Fashion Week: From Camp to Couture

Wow.  This is really something.  Who would have thought a little ol’ marker, the kind you once used to label boxes and camp gear, would one day be in the same company as some of the biggest names in fashion. Well, it’s happened, and here’s how Sharpie wound its way into the big-time world of fashion, beginning this week at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC where designers are convening to show their Spring 2010 collections.


Back in the olden days (Sharpie was invented in 1964 – Happy 45th Birthday, Sharpie!), the launch of Sharpie represented a major innovation on the ink front.  cavemanOther markers washed or rubbed off but Sharpie with its permanent ink gave moms everywhere a reason to celebrate (along with construction workers, moving companies, TV production crews, photographers, golfers – you name it, almost everybody has a reason to use a Sharpie!).

It wasn’t long before celebs’ and athletes’ PR peeps figured out that Sharpie also made a great autograph marker – permanent on books, magazines, helmets, caps, footballs, baseballs, photos, arms, ankles – all the crazy things fans want autographed and then some! Now, whenever famous people are out and about signing autographs, Sharpie is there – and where famous people go so goes the paparazzi.  Soon Sharpie was as much a media darling as the celebs themselves. 




FAST FORWARD TO TODAY…Just when we’re busy minding all the celebrity Sharpie sightings, our Sharpie fans bring a little something to our attention.  Turns out you can use Sharpie markers in all sorts of creative ways – everything from fine art and comic book drawings to customizations on skateboards, surfboards, bikes – even cars!  Then the economy takes a turn for the worse and suddenly everybody is using Sharpie as a do-it-yourself tool, customizing and personalizing and replicating pricier store-bought items in order to save.  The trend plays out on the fashion front too as Sharpie fans show us jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses and more that they’ve customized with Sharpie.

Which brings us to Sharpie at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. All the designer collections are AMAZING but not everybody can afford all these pretties.  What if you could make something that LOOKS kinda like that Marc Jacobs Tee?  And if you’re not so crafty, what if you could download some stencils from the internet or even trace some designs with Sharpie? Then you could save a few bucks and instead splurge on that awesome pair of killer heels.  

Turns out the fans are way ahead of us on this one.  They’re getting creative with Sharpie in ways we never dreamed possible, and in numbers so big our web programmers can barely keep up as Sharpie fans submit their creations to our new community site,, for posting and sharing in the gallery.   We love it!  And we’re very busy trying to keep up with YOU (do you people ever sleep?!?!)! 


The one and only Betsey Johnson

Sharpie will be at Fashion Week with our first-ever Sharpie Bar, inviting the fashion set to step up and add their Sharpie designs to headbands, bracelets, skinny ties, fashion bags, t-shirts and more.  Betsey Johnson will be there.  She’s a fashion designer with all the bold edgy fun that is Sharpie. She’s designing an exclusive Sharpie t-shirt just for the show, and another to benefit City of Hope Cancer Research Center. 

Keep checking  for all the Sharpie Fashion Week action.

 We’ve come a long way – a marker at Fashion Week???  Hey, we’re Sharpie! : ) : )

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