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Go ahead, Uncap a Sharpie

“Uncap What’s Inside” … We throw it around a lot but what exactly does it mean?

I’m not going to give you Webster’s version, instead, here’s my own… To Uncap What’s Inside means to let your true colors show; to express yourself, to let your personality and creativity out and embrace what makes you, YOU!  At Sharpie, we believe that these markers and pens can help people express themselves creatively, turning the everyday into one-of-a-kind works of art – something uniquely your own! 

Here is a perfect example of a 12 year old girl who has taken this phrase to heart and has done just that – she Uncapped What’s Inside of her!

trombone 3

12 year old Maddie Chaffer of Grand Rapids, Michigan is an avid Beatles fan and wanted to stand out from the crowd when entering 7th grade.  With an assortment of Sharpies, she “Yellow Submarined” her trombone and will certainly stand out from the crowd with her MaddieC. Original musical instrument! 

trombone 1

trombone 4

trombone 2

Thanks for sharing your idea with us Maddie! Way to Uncap!

Get out your Sharpie and see what you can do!  

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16 thoughts on “Go ahead, Uncap a Sharpie

  1. That is so cool i play the french horn, and i was going to spray paint it pink. But now i think i’m gonna do that. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  2. thats going to loook so cute with some white poka dots . but do it the way you want it to be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i play the french horn and i want to desing mine but i only rent it so i cant do anything to it


  5. Hi Joyce! Unfortunately there is currently not a way to refill the Sharpie Pens, but if you’re looking for a refillable option- be sure to check out Sharpie Stainless Steel. You can find it, and refill cartridges, at most major office supply stores! Hope this helps!

  6. I bought a Sharpie Pen from Walmart only because it was refillable and they didn’t have one in red ink. I can’t find a refill for it on your website. I think the refill number is 1751000 for Sharpie Pen 1747388. It is a stainless steel pen, fine point. Knowing Walmart it imay be a discontined pen.

    Can you tell me how to get a red ink refill for this pen?

    Thank you,
    Peggy Black

  7. Hi Peggy! I would suggest reaching out to one of our amazing consumer affairs staff at 1-800-438-3703, they can help you find what you’re looking for! I hope that helps.

  8. WOAH.
    I also play trombone and love the Beatles. I would literally pay for something like this haha this is so good

  9. wow im a great artist myself and i have a trombone, ill do tht, but wat r some things to draw on it?

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