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Halloween Highlights

Back away from the cheese.  Favre, stay put in Minnesota.  I’ve got something better for you…


Sharpie Accent Highlighters!


Alex Koeppler, Leader, Brand Marketing Sharpie, ( @sharpie_AplusK ) sent this picture of some friends dressed up for Halloween in Wisconsin.  These lovely ladies were defintely the HIGHLIGHT of the party ;)

Accent Highlighter costumes

Which got me thinking…

How do YOU use your Sharpie Accent Highlighters?   

  • To Highlight important sentences while reading? 
  • To Emphasize notes from class?
  • To Check items off a list?
  • To Stress important dates?
  • To Create new art work?

Maybe you use several colors in different ways/for different things? 

The possibilities are endless – Share your favorite ways to use Sharpie Accent Highlighters!


Find the entire Sharpie Accent collection at

10 thoughts on “Halloween Highlights

  1. Hooray! The Sharpies live on. Sadly, Orange Sharpie lives on in my parent’s basement, at the moment.

  2. I use a lot of writing products like sharpie but I wish there was a way to recycle these. I always wonder if I can put them in the recycle bin but eventually dump them in the trash…

  3. ummm …sharpie highlighter girls? i bet that pic is all over the private section of the japanese gardens page there…

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  5. Love thie costume! Do you have directions on how to make the hats? I would like to make one for this Halloween. Thank you.

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