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Say thank you with Sharpie

In sales, relationships are everything. So you can imagine how important the little touches are when it comes to keeping those relationships on solid footing.  

January is a big sales month in the world of office supplies. That’s because businesses are starting off the year with new budgets and money to spend.  To get their sales team excited about the big season, Staples thought it would be fun to kick it off with a “design your own greeting card” contest using Sharpie.  The winner would have their design made into note cards that they could send to customers as a personalized follow up or thank you note in appreciation for their business.

The Staples team was inspired.  Entries came pouring in.  In the end, Staples’ own Scott Baker from Staples’ New Cumberland, PA office took home the grand prize.   Here’s his awesome entry:

staples balloon

Say "Thank You" with this Sharpie Balloon Notecard, designed by Scott Baker, New Cumberland, PA

Here’s how Scott created the card and why he loves Sharpie markers:

scott baker

What was your inspiration? 

I wanted to use as many colors as possible and tried to think of something that people would associate with multiple brilliant colors. I chose the hot air balloon because you can use a multitude of colors and patterns and it would not look too busy.

What products did you use?

The Sharpie 12 pack fine assorted markers, the Sharpie pen, and the Paper Mate Biodegradable mechanical pencil.

Tell us why you love Sharpie.

Their products are always top of the line, when you use one of their pens or markers you know its not going to dry out.

What is your favorite Sharpie marker & why?

I like Sharpie markers for their vivid colors and smooth flow.


Check out some of the other entries and get inspired!


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Sharpie Mushroom by Chris Shamoun, Englewood, NJ


sharpie world Cathy Burley La Mirada

Sharpie World by Cathy Burley, La Mirada, CA


Sharpie Stars Susan Brandon Novi

Sharpie Stars by Susan Brandon, Novi, MI


Santa Easy Button Chris Pappas Maitland

Sharpie Santa Easy Button by Chris Pappas, Maitland, FL

7 thoughts on “Say thank you with Sharpie

  1. trouble with markers is that they fade after a while and the ink runs out to fast in markers

  2. oooo i want to draw like this but i only have brown , black , and green sharpie……oh wait!!!!!i have lots of sharpies yesh!

  3. Those are cool, especially the first one, I love the design in the second to the left part of the hot air balloon. I would love to submit my art but I don’t know how.

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