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Unwrap What’s Inside this Holiday with Sharpie

Sharpie Holiday ImageIn the spirit of the season, throughout the month of December we will be showing you how Sharpie makes its mark on holiday gift-giving,  decorating, organizing and more!  Through all sorts of how-to videos and pictorals, we will take you through the step-by-step DIY process and show you the tools you’ll need to add a personal touch to the holidays!

Below you will find a list of 25 ways to utilize Sharpie markers to put a creative twist on all of your gift giving, decorating and organizational needs.  Come back and visit to see the how-to videos and pictorals all month long!  Happy Holidays!

1 Think Beyond a White (as well as Red and Green) Christmas – Holiday décors are getting a colorful makeover this December.  Mix it up this year with unique Sharpie marker color combos.  Re-vamp ornaments, paper goods, tree trim and more using Sharpie markers in Magenta and Lime, Turquoise and Red, Berry and Pomegranate.  Kick it up a notch with color and let Sharpie transform white to bright.

bells2 Tacky Times TwoThrow a tacky-themed holiday party, encouraging guests to come up with their most ridiculous holiday outfits.  Customize holiday sweaters, suspenders, ties, socks and more with Sharpie markers and create a look distinctly your own.  Get twice the tacky with Sharpie Twin Tip markers offering both fine and ultra-fine tips in one marker. 

3 Green-A-Ling– Create your very own flower pot bell ornament for the tree using Sharpie paint markers. Color small terra-cotta flowerpots (available at your local craft store) and let dry.  Personalize the pots with stars, bows, berries and other fun holiday designs.  Thread ribbon (or wire) through the drainage hole to make a loop for hanging.  Loop another ribbon inside the pot and attach a bell.

4 My Tube Choose from among Sharpie’s 34 bold colors to decorate a roll of solid-colored wrapping paper (tissue, crepe, foil, vellum, craft paper – gift bags too).  Use a stencil or cookie cutter and trace a hand, shoe, leaf, key or other object to create a personalized motif.   Tip:  Use the wrapping paper tube as a gift box to hold kids’ artwork; wrap the tube using your new Sharpie “signature” gift wrap and ship to packagesGrandma.

5 Sharp Cookie Give the gift that won’t get lost – Sharpie personalized markers imprinted with the name and icon of your choice on the marker barrel.   Smart shoppers give personalized Sharpie markers to friends, family, teachers, postmen, milkmen, hairdressers, receptionists, babysitters, pet walkers, Girl Scout troops, Bunko groups, golf buddies, favorite baristas and more!  For a stocking stuffer with a personal touch, go to to order. 

6 Sharp Bookie Sharpie-created bookmarks are a good bet for gift-giving.  Make your mark by doodling the usual suspects – dogs, stars, hearts, swirls – or exercise your inner artist and take a stab at recreating art from one of the masters (go online to download inspirations).  Tip:  Use the Sharpie marker itself as the bookmark.  Just clip to the page! 

xmas tree7 Keeper Cards Design your own “keeper card.”  Use Sharpie markers to create personalized greeting cards, the kind that won’t wind up in the waste basket.   Kids can create personalized cards for classmates.  Kids tip:  Whip up a mod mosaic in minutes by holding a bundle of Sharpie markers in your hand and drawing circles on circles.

8 Card Jar – Keep track of cards in a holiday-themed box or jar decorated with Sharpie markers.  Use a glass or acrylic box/jar and decorate with these holiday-inspired themes in mind: candy canes, twinkly lights, mistletoe, silver bells.   *Make smaller containers for gift receipts and recipes.

9 Tree Hugger – Write your child’s name in Sharpie marker on a small silver or gold bell.  Help them find a spot on the tree and let them give the bell a ring each night before bedtime to make a holiday wish.  This will become a favorite holiday tradition.

10 Table That The Stay-cation travel trend is continuing into the holidays.  Use time at home around the table to create one-of-a-kind holiday gifts with Sharpie markers. (2011 UPDATE: Check out Stained by Sharpie fabric markers to make your mark in your festive fanfare)  Embellish socks, t-shirts, sneakers, headbands, belts, backpacks, aprons, picture frames and more.  Kids can make special keepsakes for mom; teens can get creative and add their favorite expressions.  Mom tip:  Create a family of matching tees or sweatshirts – one for everyone in the brood.    snowflake

11 A+ in Gift Giving Send your kids to school with a present teachers can really use – school supplies!  Place an assortment of Sharpie markers in a large soup can covered in plain white paper and decorated with Sharpie markers.  Wrap it up, top with a festive bow and take your seat at the head of the class.

12 Santa‘s Sharpie Make a list and check it twice with the Sharpie Pen.  The newest addition to the Sharpie family, the Sharpie Pen doesn’t bleed through paper and is perfect for all your holiday writing needs – and it’s now available in a retractable version!  Use it for list-making, note-cards, gift tags, journal writing, work and school – and don’t forget that important letter to Santa!  Make your mark with the Sharpie Pen in black, blue, orange, red, green, or purple (2011 UPDATE: NOW available in Coral, Turquoise, Clover and Hot Pink!).stocking

13 Stock Up Instead of paying to have names embroidered on holiday stockings, this year buy some white felt and create your own colorful, unique version using Sharpie markers.   Stock the stocking with Sharpie markers to make a permanent impression.

14 Draw The Line – Pick up a copy of your favorite holiday classic at a used book store and carefully remove a page.  Sketch or trace an image right over the print to make a beautiful greeting card, wall decoration, or holiday embellishment.  Laminate or frame your page to preserve for next year. 

15 A Little Flakey Create a cost-saving winter wonderland by making do-it-yourself snowflakes. Decorate paper with the colors of the season or stay monochromatic with Sharpie Metallic Permanent marker.  Color then fold and cut into snowflake shapes.

16 Made Not Manufactured Show family and friends how thankful you are for their gifts with homemade, colorful thank-you cards. Design one card with Sharpie markers and make copies to save gingermoney on store-bought versions.

17 Tag You’re It Let loved ones see how truly personal the gift they are receiving is with a one-of-a- kind gift tag.  Liven up your present by adding your own unique way of stating “To” and “From” on a square of card stock.  Tie a Sharpie MINI marker to your tag for the gift tag that keeps on giving.

18 Take A Shine What better way to top off the perfect holiday gift than with a Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker.  Add a little extra sophistication and shine to your gift by attaching the Stainless Steel Sharpie with its refillable cartridge and etched logo on the barrel to the top of the package — the perfect complement to your Sharpie Metallic Permanent marker custom-designed gift wrap. 

19 Ring in the Bling Use a Sharpie Metallic silver marker to ring in the New Year.  Add some bling by creating a silver celebration of party ware – decorate glassware, placemats, votive holders, candlesticks, party hats, favors and more.  Tip:  Use a paper tablecloth and give guests a pack of Sharpie markers as table favors so they can write their resolutions as they count down the New Year.  sleigh

20 Wax PoeticThinking about throwing out those old candle sticks?  Why not bring new life to them with Sharpie markers.  Use a Sharpie marker and cover them with script writing of your favorite poetic verses.  Combine with Sharpie Metallic silver accents and display year-round. 

21 Holiday Calendar Countdown – With a ruler, cardstock and Sharpie markers, draw out a calendar.  Find small holiday ornaments and trinkets around the house (buttons, pins, last year’s holiday card cut-outs – any small embellishment) and stick magnets onto the back of each.  Hang your calendar on refrigerator and use your magnetic ornaments to count down the days of your holiday season!

22 Pen The Perfect Present Assemble a gift box full of Sharpie Pens (in all six colors – black, blue, red, green, orange, purple).  Top the gift off with several sheets of pretty stationery, perfect for the art enthusiast with a penchant for the age-old art of letter writing. 

23 You’ve Been Framed Bring life to a plain white picture frame by doodling inspiring words around the edges in black Sharpie marker.  Insert a black-and-white photo for an elegant holiday gift.  Attach a matching hand-made gift tag with a thoughtful message.  Write your note in red with a Sharpie marker to give the gift a little pop!


24 For Keep Sake! Start a holiday memories book.  As the holidays wind down, pass around a book of blank pages and have your family take turns writing a special holiday message.  What was your favorite moment or memory?  Best present? What are you thankful for?  Build a collection of wonderful memories and create a keepsake that can be shared for generations to come. 

25 Ahead of the Pack Once the holidays are over, it is important to organize all of your decorations, ornaments, lights, etc. so things don’t get lost or forgotten.  Label boxes with Sharpie markers and store them away neatly.  Pack smart with Sharpie and spend time with family and friends instead!

Share your Holiday sharpie creations and tips with us too! What are your favorite ways to use your Sharpie markers during the Holidays?

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Unwrap What’s Inside!

37 thoughts on “Unwrap What’s Inside this Holiday with Sharpie

  1. hello! anyone know a way to protect sharpie marker drawings/paintings for outdoors? i’m thinking a liquid, like a clear urethane. the ones i have tried, make the markers bleed. thanks so much!!

  2. Erica! That’s actually what is going to be featured all month long right here on the Sharpie blog! So keep coming back to get the how-to for these projects and tips! Thanks for the Sharpie love

  3. Love sharpies! I use them for signing my Christmas card photo’s (they don’t smudge) and for addressing boxes and for gift tags!

  4. Great ideas! I feel like I don’t bring my Sharpies out enough… I don’t want to waste them. Isn’t that silly?

  5. I’m going to use #2 idea with the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party we’re hosting here in Nashville. I can’t wait!

  6. I love using Sharpies to make Christmas present labels. You can do so much with the different colored Sharpies!

  7. I love Sharpies. Such a great idea to label ornaments–I hand’t thought of that before! My kids get new ones every year and this is a great tip!!

  8. I am taking sand and small shells from our family vacation and filling a empty ornament and then marking San Diego 2009 on it for every family that went.

  9. I sign my holiday cards w/ sharpies! And the new sharpie pen is my absolute favorite.
    Love the ideas above – more reason to feed the sharpie addiction!

  10. I love the idea of decorating a white frame with Sharpies. I’m picturing red and green ornaments drawn all over the frame…fun!

  11. I love Sharpie pens and it has always been a Christmas tradition to do cards and sign gift tags with Red and Green sharpies. I love all these great new ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  12. As apart of our holiday traditions since moving to New Orleans three Christmases ago, we gather around and make handmade Christmas cards that we distribute to the homeless individuals in the Greater New Orleans area. Sharpies help make that happen! It is much more personal and we enjoy doing it so much when we draw and color, contrast and compare. I am so thrilled that sharpies now come in so many colors! Thank you Sharpie!

  13. I love using Sharpies on my Rubbermaid type totes. You can right directly on the tote, it is easy to see & if you change your mind ~ a magic eraser will clean it right off!

  14. I use them to decorate the plain white envelopes that my Christmas cards go in – they are much more festive looking, and Sharpies come in so many colors, it’s a lot of fun.

  15. I am a fan of Sharpies. I love to use them to decorate the front of the greeting card envelope.

  16. I’m going to be using ours to fill out our name tags. Sometimes those name tags are overtaken with pictures and it’s hard to see the names but they show up really well when using Sharpies.

  17. I didn’t know you had silver and gold! That is awesome! I use sharpies year round in my home! :) But especially for Christmas ornaments! We give them as gifts each year and we write the name and year on them with a Sharpie – My husband has ornaments all the way back to his birth year!! I am excited to continue the tradition with our children!

  18. I love those really fine-line Sharpies. I am a graphic artist, and right now I am using my new box of “Sharpie Pens” to do a line drawing of our son’s century-old home. I will use a watercolor wash over the ink to give it the “aged” look I want, then we will frame it and have it under the tree.

  19. We like to use white paper that has been stamped with outlines of holiday designs – trees, cookies, snowmen etc. Then use Sharpies to fill in the colors. Fun and the end result is never the same twice.

  20. Use sharpies all the time. I mostly use them to place my child’s name on his belongings. For the holidays, I use my sharpie to sign photo-cards and address packages.

  21. These are great ideas. When our kids were babies, we’d write on blue painter’s tape with a sharpie to identify stuff that went to day care. The sharpie ink newver rubbed or washed away and the painter’s tape was easy to remove.

  22. For my husband who likes to golf, I let my kids decorate golf balls with Sharpie pens. Now he has personalized, colorful golf balls that will stand out from the others on the green!

  23. Create your very own flower pot bell ornament for the tree using Sharpie paint markers. Use a Sharpie Metallic silver marker to ring in the New Year. Add some bling by creating a silver celebration of party ware

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    Well story short, you’v written very good post, makes me crack a smile.

  25. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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