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Celebrate National HANDWRITING Day!



new HW day pic

14 thoughts on “Celebrate National HANDWRITING Day!

  1. Thanks for the correction Amber! Noted and with a quick wand of photoshop the correction was made. Of all psot to make a type, it had to be the hand-written one, right?! ;)

    Sandy, absolutely! We should celebrate N.HW. Day all the time! Especially now that we live in such a digital age this art is important to keep alive and cherish.

    Thanks for the comments

  2. Air Bear, no worries if you missed it on the 23rd, why not celebrate every day!?!

    Ptoone, thanks for bookmarking the Sharpie Blog. Keep your feedback coming, love to hear what you have to say! Have you checked out’s a cool place where people have been sharing all kinds of Sharpie art!

  3. Thanks Whitney, I have checked out and will be submitting a sharpie illustration in the future – stay tuned!

  4. i wish that all the people related to handwriting sciences get together and celebrate the national handwriting day on a larger scale !

  5. I’m celebrating all year. Thanks for reminding people about this important day.

    During 2013, I am composing one handwritten letter per day and mailing it to anybody who asks, free. Two of my goals are to bring handwriting back into the world, and to connect people in this all-but-lost way.

    In less than three weeks — thank you, Internet — the Letter A Day project has reached 26 states in the U.S., plus Canada, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Malaysia and South Africa. Requests are still tumbling in from territories all over, but there’s room for more. Should I end up with more than 365 requests by the end of the year, I’ll just keep going.

    Each recipient gets an original, somewhat newsy, most likely meandering but sincere letter, such as he or she might once upon a time have gotten from a friend or relative.

    If you or any of your friends … I hope you tell your readers, too … would like a letter, please visit my website ( — where I am not trying to sell anything, as you’ll see, just keeping the requests in one place — and scroll to the “email me” button at the bottom of the page. Send me your postal address. That’s all you have to do. :) And please spread the word.

    There’s also a Facebook page, public to Facebook users:

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