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In the dog house this Valentine’s Day?



Try as you might, a sorry puppy face isn’t going to save you if you come up short on Valentine’s Day.  Guys — the ladies EXPECT things! I’m not saying we’re a bunch of materialistic martyres. I’m saying a woman wants to know she is loved, especially on Valentine’s Day.  So for the love of chocolate, send in the flower-waving troops already!  

Speaking of dogs, thought this was interesting: According to a global poll by Reuters/Ipsos, one-fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet than their partner on Valentine’s Day. The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found 21 percent of adults would rather spend February 14 with Fido. I’m guessing a dog doesn’t really require much, just a nice pat on the head.  

(Don’t even think about it ) 

Of course, there are some reasonable people in the world – secure in the knowledge that they are loved, true romantics at heart. Check out the videos below and heed their advice. Then maybe she’ll let you back in the house in time for Valentine’s Day. 

2 thoughts on “In the dog house this Valentine’s Day?

  1. Our family has been fortunate in wading through a difficult educational system. I attended fine private schools growing up ,but that was then.My wife and I had to work very strategically to get each of our children into top private schools that will help them attain their educational goals and hopefully succeed in life.
    And all I wanted growing up was a German Shepard dog.

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