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Those Who Whine, WIN!

Early this morning, one of my best friends left for a week long cruise and in all honesty I am extreeemely jealous!  While he is basking in the sun and sipping on all the Pina Coladas his stomach can handle, I will be working away in my shoebox of a cubicle, wearing a restricting pencil skirt, button down shirt and a pair of high heels that will most likely be the reason that I’ll need back surgery by the time I’m 30! ugh…

So, last week, I asked why you are missing out on Spring Break this year, requesting you to share your SB ’10 sob story on Sharpie’s FB Fan page for the chance to be 1 of 35 winners of a new set of Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpies.  Well ladies & gents, I’ve got the results for you!  Before I announce the winners, below you will notice that I am giving 40 sets away, simply because I can.. There were a few late entires but I’m in a good mood today so I’m sending these people some Sharpies too! – I hope that’s okay with the rest of you.

Without further ado, here are the winners & their sob stories…

*Warning you may want to keep a box of tissues handy for those extremely sad stories, as well as a waste basket in the event that an utterly pathetic entry should make you ill.

In no specfic order:

  1. Allyson O’ Shea:  We can’t party our pants off this Spring Break because we own a home and our basement flooded like crazy. A sump pump later we are still dishing out water and paying for our heating repairs! It sucks being grown up :(
  2. Lisa Steinberg: UM no Partying when you’re expecting…AND your hubs is out of work…
  3. Laura Mari: I can’t party my pants off cuz I have 2 work all Spring Break…….Blah
  4. Tabitha Padilla: I’m planning for my world domination
  6. Brett Roberts: I can’t party my pants off this spring break because I am in a fight with my gf super depressed, we are going to break up, and she got all my friends to hate me along with the rest of the school.
  7. Sarah Falconer: I live on the other side of the world…. and we don’t have spring break….. and I have to work :(
  8. Tara DeVeau: I am missing spring break because I am seeing one son off to the Army, Enrolling another Son in LSU College, taking 2 more kids to a bunch of HS Band events and consoling my youngest daughter in the death of her friend the puppy…. Oh yea, and running a TV station for my other job that pays :)…. AND I LOVE SHARPIES!!! I could write letters to my sons while they are oversees and in college with them…make Band posters for the events and fundraisers and help my daughter draw pictures of the dog for her memory book…and when I get a lunch break I will draw all the tropical places I would love to be…
  9. Robbyn Johnson:  because I have no life. the end.
  10. Raymond Mauro: I’ve loved Sharpie Markers most of my life-and have several of the color sets, not to mention the loose black markers in various point sizes!! At any rate-I won’t be partying hardy anytime soon this Spring Break, ’cause I’m an OLDER man (age 52), and ALL I have to look forward to in my life is to put the cat out at night, watch the night-time news, read my FB page(s), eat & then sleep!!!!!! Please let me Break this frustrating cycle-by receiving this new set of Sharpie Markers (Caribbean Colored-wild, Mon!!!!!)!!!!! The creative flow emanating from these markers will make me feel years younger!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Mary Cantrell Lovell:  Newwwwwww job….can’t take time off for a good long time.
  12. Kathy Love: I can’t party my pants off because I’ll working on a very special portrait for someone.
  13. Andrea Maruschak:  I’m not in school anymore – working adults don’t get spring break :( No one likes getting old but missing spring break puts a real downer on it. PS – My brother, a college senior is going on a Caribbean cruise and until he leaves this weekend he’ll be rubbing his vacation in my face! Maybe I’ll be sitting in my office writing with my new Sharpies while he enjoys the sun!
  14. Jenn Martin:  Haha! Military Spouse, Homeschooling Mom, Jewelry Selling Woman, Friend, Encourager, Nurse, Counselor…the list goes on!!! Who has time for a break?!?! Man, what I wouldn’t give to have one, though!
  15. Christian Walwanis: I never got further than taking art courses and then leaving college. Now I live in a semi ghetto area working at a homeless shelter, hoping to find a second job so that I can move. So, I think that it goes without saying that vacation is nothing more than a dream at this point.
  16. Many Gambrel Vavrinak:  I can’t go on spring break because I own my own small business and it supports my family of 6 (yes, 6… me, hubby and our 4 kids, ranging in age from 15 years to 9mos). I can’t go on a coffee break, generally speaking, much less a blissful, tropical week of (relative) freedom.   I love my kids, my family, my clients (and my Sharpies… I take notes in color, I doodle, I design… even my 7 yr old has her own set) but I *really* need a break :)
  17. Leslie Greer: I can’t go on spring break unless i want to bring my husband and kids with me (and what kind of fun would that be lol)!!!!! and @Mandy moms rule!!!!!!!!
  18. Jessica Castillo: I can’t do anything on spring break because I am a stay at home mom of a 7 month old. The hubby is working 2 jobs to support us, so that doesn’t leave any extra funds to travel anywhere to take a break. We couldn’t make it if he took the week off. Plus we don’t have anyone to watch the baby that long in order for us to spend alone time together.
  19. Brigid Kt-Duncan: I too am about to start my own business and quite frankly it has become my 4th child…which is EXTREMELY time consuming…no time for fun in the sun or for a spring break…just work, work, work! Having been laid off too like so many others this option presented itself and I don’t foresee a vacation anytime soon.. (:  Luckily I can still doodle just before bedtime…my downtime!
  20. Jill Braun: Spring break, what’s that? Oh yea, it’s the time of the year when everyone gets out of MinneSNOWta but me. The reason I won’t be leaving this winter wonderland this year, is like most college kids, simply because I am broke. Art is my life. I always have to be creating something. About two months ago I began to learn how to blow glass. When I’m not in the studio working with glass I am at home with a Sharpie in hand.  One day a hope to be a famous Sharpist and glass blower, but you have to spend money to make money.  Learning how to blow glass isn’t exactly cheap.  I’m sure this isn’t the saddest story you’ll read but it’s the truth and some new Sharpie colors would definitely brighten up my day! J
  21. Angie Kerr: Can’t go because I have 4 kids, I go to school full time and have no extra time! I would love to get away with my husband. We have NEVER had a honeymoon and it would be nice to go somewhere warm with him. Unfortunately, we live too far away from family/friends that could/would babysit for us. So for now, I will just dream of a warm beach and a cold drink ALONE with my hubby!
  22. Katherine Leaf: I work full time and full time college. Apparently this weekend, instead of partying, I get to attend a funeral. D:
  23. Deidra Miserlian:  I have too many kids, so I wont be going anywhere either lol..
  24. Kelly LaChance Guertin: Spring Break? With three children who will undoubtedly be ill the entire time, why leave?
  25. Jenny Spry Durham: Well, with only one of us working we won’t be going anywhere so we won’t break the budget :o)
  26. Sue Gibson: I wouldn’t be able to find a cat sitter for my 6 cats!
  27. Anna Janee Chamberlain: I can’t go on spring break (which is this week…blah ) because i have NO money! haha and no one to go with because my friends are all on break NEXT week and my boyfriend is Training to be a United States Marine! so on the normal Spring Break for everyone but college kids(April) I will be in South Carolina @ Parris Island watching my boyfriend graduate from the Marine Corps Bootcamp…and then coming back to Michigan.  Not too bad since I haven’t seen him in 3 months.  It makes up for not going anywhere during my break!!! J  
  28. Stevee Gerl: I’m going to be in Slidell, La. for a week helping Presbyterian Disaster Assistance rebuild homes and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina!
  29. Claire Dollin: Biggest bummer? The UK doesn’t have Spring Break. That and I need to work to afford to come back to summer camp. And yes I am very campsick. Need to break out my Sharpies and decorate something.
  30. Sharon McCarthy Brandon: We’ve been saving money for a vacation, but not only am I somewhat afraid of flying (and even more so of being stuck on a runway with no fresh air!), I get motion sick at the slightest provocation. Those ads on TV shot from roller-coasters? I get dizzy if I don’t close my eyes fast enough. I tried out an elliptical trainer at the bicycle store the other day and had to get off and put my head down after less than two minutes so I wouldn’t fall over.  Probably the worst thing is that I cant even hold a conversation with someone rocking in a rocking chair without feeling woozy.  That is not an exaggeration – ask anyone who knows me. :-/ So how can I go on Spring Break? I can’t take Dramamine 24/7.the other day and had to get off and put my head down after less than two minutes so I wouldn’t fall over. Probably the worst thing is that I can’t even hold a conversation with someone rocking in a rocking chair without feeling woozy. That is not an exaggeration – ask anyone who knows me. :- So how can I go on a spring break? I can’t take Dramamine 24/7.
  31. Melissa Middleton: My spring break will be spent planning programming for the pride center where i started volunteering. it is a labor of love because i want to work with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth once i get my social work license. good thing i have my sharpies to keep me organized and inspired!! ♥
  32. Joe Muggins: No spring break for me, I have to work, zzzz! I’m starting my masters next month so I have to save money, sooooo boring!
  33. Rachel Siota:  I don’t get a spring break…homeschooled. Sure I suppose my mom and my sister and I could travel somewhere…oh has a surgery coming up, I don’t drive, and sister doesn’t have a license….so why everyone is gonna be soaking in the sun…I’m going to be sitting at home playing nurse….I love you mom….but I reeeeaaallly would have liked to go somewhere instead.
  34. Katie Mae Carpenter:  I will be spending spring break in school trying to catch up…Art majors work hard and aren’t supposed to take a break and have fun…(but everyone knows we slack off every once in a while ;)) I will have my sharpies by my side while I’m there to bring my doodles to life and to always draw mustaches on the people in my books :) always brings a smile to people’s faces…Too bad Sharpie hasn’t came up with a marker that can transport us to a beach or somewhere nice instead of school…There will always be dreams/wished tho.
  35. Jon Schlup: True story, this is really sob. I was on my senior year and did something stupid so can’t really blame anything, but it’s still sad. Anyway got kicked out of school so I guess technically every day is spring break for the rest of the year. But its not a very happy ending. Yeah that’s my sob story, true story. Least it might get a few sharpies, but it still wasn’t worth it! Don’t do stupid stuff at school!
  36. Alexis Mask: So I didn’t know next week was spring break! I just found out 2 days ago. I have no plans, my boy friend will be gone most of the week on vacation, and the only thing I get to do is watch screaming kids at an indoor pool all week. To top it all off my teachers assigned me 2 books to read and my art teacher is making me make art out of a book for my exam grade. I also don’t wanna go home so I’m just gonna sleep in my car or live off my friends for a week since I’m broke :P
  37. Frances Kehlbeck Civello:  My true and pathetic story:
    We can’t do spring break this year because we *tried* to vacation at this time last year. But on the second day of our Florida trip, my husband was in a bad car accident on I-4 and ended up in the hospital. One year and one complicated spinal cord surgery later, he still can’t travel more than a few miles in the car. So we are staycationing for the forseeable future.  Our 10th anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and we got married on a St. John beach – so doodling in Caribbean colors would take away the sting. A little. *sniff*
  38. Eric Alexander Villatoro: I cant go to party ,Because i just learned my girlfriend is pregnant so i cant go and leave her alone at home and i go because i lover her too much to leave my girlfriend alone while i have a good time. Its always better with her.  Me and my girl love to spend time drawing together to show our love.
  39. Shannon Scott: I think I’m too late as I just found this page but I’ve been dating a Puerto Rican for 3 years and we have yet to have the $ or time to go and visit his family in the Caribbean so to have a set of Caribbean Colored Sharpies it could be like at least we are there in color. We keep wanting to get there so I can see the bright & vivid colors of the water, beach and plants but none the less we haven’t.
  40. Mina Akaga: I won’t be able to enjoy a spring break this year because I am a graduate student in her final semester towards EMBA degree and I have used up a lot of Sharpie ACCENT highlighters already and I will be using most of my Sharpie stocks studying for 3 papers/projects and final exams during the spring break. Aw come on! You have to give a poor girl here the Caribbean colors so that I can at least remember about the Caribbean and I can congratulate those who can enjoy the vacation with a huge heart using the funky flamingo pink!  I’m going to use that Surf blue to memorize so many important things that I might forget soon, but the markers will stay with me for a long time if I pass everything!  Which means my summer time will be relazing with the nice Caribbean colors you gave me

To claim your set of Caribbean Colored Sharpie Markers, please email me at with name and your address so that I can send you your markers! 

Congrats to all the whiney winners and thanks for participating! 


*Please be aware that I’m mailing these out myself, so cut me a break as I can’t get things out at ACME pace.

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