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5 Reasons to Uncap on Earth Day

 1. There are over 10 different greens to choose from among Sharpie markers, highlighters and pens! That’s a whole lot of green to uncap!  Celebrate Earth Day by sending notes to friends, family, & co-workers with tips on how to be eco-friendly everyday.  Write a letter to someone you know who practices a green lifestyle and celebrate their efforts!  Leave reminders around the house, at school & in the office to do simple things that make an impact:  Turn off the lights, conserve water, unplug electronics that you aren’t using, & of course recycle.

2. If you go through copious amounts of black Sharpie markers, this one’s for you:  Get your hands on a Stainless Steel Sharpie and you’ll be sleek, stylish, and eco-friendly!  The refillable barrel makes it easy to cut down on materials otherwise used to produce a brand new Sharpie marker – not to mention the gasoline that you’ll save cutting out those extra trips to the store. 


3. Use up the that Sharpie ink today & every day!  Sharpie has partnered up with Terracycle so that you can recycle your used Sharpie products & packaging.  Terracycle will UPCYCLE these materials to make an entirely new product! (Find out more, click here)

4. You can make a “#1 EARTH” foam finger to celebrate Earth Day using Sharpie Markers just like the one Stephen Colbert made!!!

5.  Boldly EXPRESS YOURSELF! Uncapping a Sharpie leads to creative explosions of the mind!  The best ideas start with a Sharpie and a piece of paper.  You could be the person who thinks up with the next life changing GREEN concept!

What are some of your reasons to UNCAP?

Happy Earth Day!


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