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What Makes a Sharpie, a Sharpie?

The permanent marker you know and love has grown from being just that, a permanent marker.  With so many colors, tips, styles and sizes to choose from, today, Sharpie extends well beyond the classic Fine Point.  From markers, to pens that don’t bleed through paper, to highlighters with SmearGuard ink technology, Sharpie makes it a priority to work to give you what you want, as well as what you need!

This portfolio of products would not exist however, without our passionate and creative fans.  Once considered a simple utilitarian tool, labeling everything from underwear to boxes, Sharpie has become so much more thanks to your innovative ideas and love of self-expression.   But, you know I’ve got a question…realistically it was just a marker but in actuality it is so much more than that!  So what is it about Sharpie that we find so appealing? What makes a Sharpie a Sharpie?


Is it the way the ink flows, the variety of tips and colors, or is it the contrast of the gray barrel on the marker cap?


 Is it the swirl of the Sharpie logo, the clip on the cap, the soft tip of a Sharpie marker?


  Is it the squeaky sound of uncapping a brand new Sharpie or is it the smoothness & way a Sharpie feels in your hand?


So what’s your opinion? What makes a Sharpie…a Sharpie?!

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What Makes a Sharpie A Sharpie?

17 thoughts on “What Makes a Sharpie, a Sharpie?

  1. It;s the power you feel with a sharpie in your hand the feeling that you could conquer the world…….

  2. It is the flowing of the ink…the ease of use. I love to do ink drawings and I love your markers best for them…unfortunately, they fade over time so for art I intend for others I have to use art pens which are way too expensive and really do not perform as a sharpie. It saddens me, but it is true!!!

  3. When your Girl Scout troop is working on a project, and you hand them a container full of mixed markers, and they all grab the ones that say “Sharpie” because they know those are the good ones, well, that’s what makes a Sharpie a Sharpie!

  4. it’s the way sharpies will leave a permanent mark on your life.

  5. It is everything about it. From the colors to choose from, to the different sizes, to the logo, the shape, the fact it is permant an will last a couple of days when y draw something really cool on ur hand, the way it makes ur mom mad when u do the last reason. It is everything qbsbout it

  6. it is the juiciness …. that juicy dependability of the lovely ink coming juicily out of the lovely tip …. juicy … i like my pens juicy …

  7. It’s the great quality and flow…and all the varieties…I love them!

  8. It’s just originality and quality that makes a SHARPIE a SHARPIE, there’s nothing like it on earth, nothing so fantastic and unique.

    Sharpies rules baby.

  9. Lol, it’s because Sharpie is Sharpie!!! It is the best! It draws the best, it’s the prettiest, the best colors, just everything! Plus, when a person wants a permanent marker, they say, “I WANT A SHARPIE!!!!!”

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