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Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!

*I recommend playing the video below as you read this post for the full effect.

Chicago Blackhawks WIN Stanley Cup Finals

CONGRATULATIONS Chicago Blackhawks!!

 The Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night to win the Stanley Cup Finals in Game 6, the first championship for Chicago since 1961.  Patrick Kane sneaked the puck past Michael Leighton lifting the Hawks into a 4-3 overtime win!  What an awesome victory for such an stellar team!  Way to Go Hawks!!!   


4 thoughts on “Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!

  1. Haha, look at Duncan Keith right in the middle of the picture with no teeth… looks like a carny

  2. Congrats to the Blackhawks! Enjoy your party in the Windy City! I am a huge Pens fan but I will take the high road and congratulate the Flyers on a great season. C You at the game opener in our new area!

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