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Sharpie BanDONT’s

I know the Sharpie Bandits are so 2009, but I’d like to revisit the topic for a moment after coming across a Sharpie DIY project featured on not too long ago.

DIY No-Sew LOOT Sack offers a How-To on making a “No-Sew LOOT Sack.”  (This is a pretty cool idea that you could take in several directions, outside of the “loot” theme, it’s just up to you as to where you want to take it.)  But staying in line with the $$$ theme, reading this How-To reminded me of the infamous “Sharpie Bandits” ..

For those of you who don’t remember, here’s a recap:  October 2009, two male 20-somethings, from Carroll, IA needed to inject a little excitement into their lives.  What to do? What to do?  …How does that age-old saying go? “When in doubt, Choose Burglary.”  Ah yes, that’s the one.

Long story short, things didn’t pan out so well for this dastardly duo.  The Carroll Police Dept., responding to a call that two men had attempted to break into a home, stopped a car matching the caller’s description to find the two would’ve been crooks behind the wheel.  Here’s the catch, these two geniuses voted against your standard ski mask & ladies’ stockings and went with a unique disguise option…

    They drew all over their faces with black permanent markers! 

Read the full story at

It’s been 9 months and this still baffles me!  Tell me, who in their right mind (or wrong, for that matter) would think of this and say, “Yeah……YEAH! This is it, this is genius!  What a fail-proof plan” ?  And to that point, how is the one guy capable of convincing the other that this is in fact a good idea? 

I choose to believe that these “Sharpie bandits” just love Sharpie markers SO much that they cannot even entertain the thought of not incorporating Sharpie into every second of every day.  Well boys, if this IS the case, next time, I would advise you to go for the Sharpie DIY LOOT Sack option instead of playing connect the dots on your faces for a number of reasons:

  1. Sharpie does not promote Sharpie products  on skin.
  2. You could use the sack as a mask.
  3. Could use it as a good ol’ run of the mill loot sack to lug out all those valuables. 
  4. After getting caught (which you obviously you will) you can use the LOOT Sack to shield your face from the blinding flashes of the paparazzi.

WARNING!  DO NOT participate in any criminal activity and DO NOT Uncap What’s Inside if you’re going the Sharpie Bandit route. 

DO Uncap What’s Inside for constructive, creative, good-for-the-community-and-yourself purposes! :)

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