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Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

UPDATED 8/19/10

Available in stores September 2010.

We updated the image above and removed the reference to permanency in comparison to Sharpie markers.  To clarify, the liquid graphite in the Sharpie Liquid Pencil initially erases completely from paper, but over time it becomes “permanent” in the sense that it can no longer be completely erased.  But unlike a Sharpie permanent marker, you will always be able to erase it to some degree.

475 thoughts on “Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

  1. What do u mean these liquid pencils work fine gog to google and type sharpie images then read what it says then brag it doesnt work

  2. If you microwave a bowl of water till it starts to bubble put the “liquid Graphite” cartridge in the bowl for about 30 seconds then take it out dry it off it should write better. the liquid graphite does not like to be cold.

  3. These need to be taken off the market. They aren’t cheap, and they simply don’t work! Wish I had read these blog comments before I paid good money for them.

    Really surprised at Sharpie, they usually have quality products.

  4. Love it! wish it was a tad bit darker though. Sorta looks like black pen that’s low on ink.

  5. This is by far the worst product I have ever used, and I love Sharpie. The pencil is impossible to right with, because it writes like a pen running out of ink. I just bought a pack today to replace my pencils, and they are by far the worst things I have ever spent money on. Heed my warning, don’t even try them out! #majordisapointment

  6. In re: the Sharpie liquid pencil crayon. This is the worst pencil I have ever had. I love Sharpie and have always trusted their brand. I have tried and tried to use this pen. It simply does not write. I tried to give it to my 14 year old granddaughter and she refused to take it. I bought a package of two pencils one still in the package. I guess I am going to have to throw them away and this really galls me as I am SS and have no spare money to spend, much throw in the trash.

  7. I agree with the posters who said that they love Sharpie, but hate this product. I agree. I was excited to get these liquid pencils home to try them because it sounded so cool. I am constantly breaking lead in mechanical pencils so I thought this would be a perfect solution. Aside from being able erase this…it’s the same as writing with a pen that’s dying. So, if you like writing with a crappy pen but make a lot of mistakes…this product is for you!

  8. I can’t believe how terrible this product is to be so expensive! And I can’t believe they are still on the market almost 3 years later, at this crazy price! Surely the handful of us have just gotten “bad” ones or something? It just doesn’t make sense otherwise….that’s how terrible this product is! It constantly stops writing- the color of the “ink” is like washed out black pen- the eraser smudges terribly and doesn’t fully erase the mark….I say just don’t waste the money….breaking lead is a lot less of a headache than this pencil!!

  9. I LOVE pencils and I was so excited to break into these today at work. What a disappointment, easily the worst writing implement I’ve ever used. I was in a team meeting and was having so much trouble taking notes that the meeting paused and my terrible pencil became the subject of conversation. Talk about bad PR. Perhaps Sharpie is more interested in making off with my $4 than having a repeat customer. Too bad.

  10. What a rip off! Do not buy this product. It does not work as advertised. I wasted three bucks on this piece of crap, and I will tell anyone who asks that this should be taken off the market, and Sharpie should be ashamed of having their name associated with this garbage.

  11. I buy these on sale, or on e-bay and get them for about $1 each- a bit high, but my one son doesn’t want to use a pencil-ever, and the liquid graphite doesn’t permanently mark up his clothes, and doesn’t work with writing all over himself. I love the fact I can use it instead of a pen for my paperwork, and no one knows the difference :-)
    I would wish the life on a refill was a bit longer, and probably 20% are “sputtery”- probably sat in the store too long is my guess. But Iove these for what they are- great for kids who might need to erase, but hate pencils because of motor issues. I like them just because :-)

  12. I loved the concept of the pencil. however once i used it was easily the worst product ever. It skips way to much and half the time i can’t get it to write

  13. I want my money back they are worthless!!! someone gave me one and it worked so I bought a pack and non of them worked!!!!

  14. I’m so disappointed!! This is the worst utensil I’ve every used. It’s worst than pens that are 5 years old. I keep trying to write with it hoping it’ll get better, but it isn’t!! It looks like a normal ball point pen. Since you’re pressing so hard to get the ink out, when you erase it, the indent is still there and very easy to read.

  15. This pencil is very cool and the people that says it looks like it’s running out of ink – you have to write straight up and down, they liquid doesn’t come out far enough for you to write on it’s side; be smarter than the pencil.
    It could be darker, but it’s like using a .05 pencil, so just get used to it.
    And if you let the eraser get warn all the way down, don’t be silly, just use a stick pin to pull it out.
    Come on folks, Sharpie can’t do it all for you!!

  16. These are terrible. I will have to throw them away. I have failed to get a smooth line out of these. The markings are unreadable. Unless you have gigantic handwriting, the lines are completely broken. This is by far the worst product I have ever purchased from Sharpie.

  17. I really wanted to like these, but the “ink” is just too “skippy”. For the price, I expected them to work. One of the pencils in the 2 pack writes better than the other…go figure. I noticed they have more variety in barrel colors now, and I was wondering if they updated the ink formula? They should be sending out free produce to all of us duped into spending 5-6 bucks on a useless piece of plastic.

  18. These penciles do not work its a waste of money,and they are not cheap. Walmart used to have some like them that worked very good. You should take them off the market, stop wasting peoples money.

  19. These are the WORST pencils because the lead flow is horrible and I always feel like I need at click to “get the lead out”. I told all of my students this is a product NOT TO BUY, and to my surprise, they agreed!

  20. I used to think sharpie had great products, never a complaint until this liquid pencils. I see these comments are from 2-3 years ago …why is this product still on the market or improved upon? Very disappointed!

  21. I agree with the posts stating this is the WORST and severely OVERPRICED product, based on its extreme lack of performance! Surely, sharpies product design and testing “professionals” did a HANDS ON product analysis PRIOR to marketing this INFERIOR product! If I were the company CEO, I would be QUITE appalled…not to mention EMBARRASSED, to have the company “sharpie” associated with such an DUD of a product!! Come on sharpie..when did you lower your product development standards? And then to have the audacity to charge such an exorbitant MSRP, in this economy? SHAME ON YOU SHARPIE!!!
    STRUGGLING “MATURE” COLLLEGE STUDENT (with massive student loans)
    I/O psychology (product design)

  22. OMG like everyone else I was excited to get a new type of pencil cause im tired of buying lead. Never again……I will just tuff it out. I should not have to write a certian way for this pencil to work . Just like everyone else said it skips while writting or just point blank will not write. Sorry Sharpie you got it wrong this tiime.

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