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Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

UPDATED 8/19/10

Available in stores September 2010.

We updated the image above and removed the reference to permanency in comparison to Sharpie markers.  To clarify, the liquid graphite in the Sharpie Liquid Pencil initially erases completely from paper, but over time it becomes “permanent” in the sense that it can no longer be completely erased.  But unlike a Sharpie permanent marker, you will always be able to erase it to some degree.

475 thoughts on “Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

  1. I just bought a couple of these from Walmart a week ago and I want to complain to Sharpie because it does not do what it is supposed to….i.e. write!!!! It skips more consistently than it actually writes. Very poor product and it ought to be removed from the shelves of any reseller with any sense of customer loyalty or customer care. I wish Sharpie would do a product recall and save its now very tarnished reputation.

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  3. I bought one of the Sharpie Liquid pencils today. I thought it would be the answer to my lead breaking problems. I am very disappointed tho as when I try to write, the ink comes out sporadically. I can’t write a whole letter or number without half of it being blank. I looked at the package and it asks me to send the pencil back for replacement. Why would I pay for shipping to get another pencil? I would rather take it back to the store and just get another one without having to pay for shipping. If I ship it back, what is the advantage for me?

  4. Hi Steven- Unfortunately the Liquid Pencil is not approved for ALL scan tron brands, so we dont recommend using them during standardized testing if your school uses scan tron type answer sheets. I hope this helps!

  5. How well does this liquid graphite work on a glossy photo paper? I sell limited edition prints of my photography, and I would prefer being able to sign, number and date them on the front instead of the back, but often a regular #2 pencil doesn’t want to work well with a high gloss image.

  6. Hi! I have been using the liquid pencil and really like it, but I can’t figure out how to refill the eraser. Please help!

  7. Okay, this pen is accually very good. the problem with it is that when you FIRST start using it, it skips. okay. all pens do that. they skip. probably why some of us *hinthint* scribble on a piece of paper, to stop the skipping! :D . also, when you run your hands along the writing you JUST wrote, it erases. okay then. WAIT a minute or two to let it settle. it will NOT smudge like lead pencils * love * so thats great. id recommend these for little notes on post-its? like, for reading :D . its wonderful. please give it a chance.

  8. I just got one and started using it. The ink comes out very inconsistently, and is not smooth in terms of ink flow. Not sure how your pen wrote so nicely in the photo above, but nice attempt anyways! Personally I think Sharpie should stick to permanent markers and marker-style pens which it’s good at!

  9. I bought a pack of the pencils and one of them writes perfectly. The second one I can not get the “ink” to come out. I have tried scribbling with it and am unsuccessful. Any hints on how to get it started?

  10. I just bought this brand new and I’ve been using it for about an hour, it still comes out inconsistently. I think it sucks that it doesn’t work very well and others are having the same problem.

  11. Hi, I just bought this pen/pencil today.
    It does work well… And I was surprised when I bought it that the eraser actually worked, but the ink does come out inconsistently. It also tends to erase so well to the extent if you rub your finger across the ink, it erases as well.

  12. I too purchased this as I do a lot of writing in a graduate level math class (and erasing). I like the concept, but still think it needs some work as the “liquid graphite” comes out of the pen inconsistently. So to get things to show, I’m finding that I need to go back over an area to make it show. Also, it seems to write best when kept at a perpendicular angle to the paper, but who wants to write in this format since I typically write with a pencil at an angle. I’ll keep watching for improvements though.

  13. Doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been scribbling on paper and it still isn’t working. Expensive pen(cil?) that doesn’t work.

  14. Caitlin, have you actually tried to “just pop the eraser out?” When you use up the eraser until it isn’t sticking out anymore, there is no way to grab it to pull it out of the pencil. Is there something we are supposed to do to push the eraser up out of the top of the pencil or do we have to use a paperclip or something to jab it into the eraser and pull it out? Seriously, you don’t just pop the eraser out after you have used it up.

  15. Christa- I have personally managed to get mine out using a push pin or a paper clip as a wedge but like with most mechanical pencils sometimes it does get used up too far and I, too struggle replacing it! Good luck and sorry i couldn’t help more!

  16. The “ink” is awesome. It doesn’t smudge and erases completely. However, the tip is not awesome. It writes only when perpendicular to the paper and then still does not deliver “ink” consistently. The pens are going in the trash. Sharpie, you owe me $4.49!

  17. I feel so much better that I’m not the only one who’s had eraser-replacing problems! I had to use a straightened paper clip to wedge mine out, but then the new one inserted really easily. As for “skipping” at the beginning, one of the two I bought did this as well, but after a very short time, it writes perfectly. I LOVE these pencils and I’ve always hated pencils. They’ve made me switch from pens.

  18. I am a chef. I use Sharpie markers and is part of the uniform of my BOH staff. So I ventured to buy the new pencil for personal use. I am sooo disappointed. I must write-over the letter to make it legible. I bought this because of my experience of a reliable product. What stood out as the marketing tool, was the non-breakable lead and the extra erasers. I want my money back!!

  19. I’ve been a loyal user of Sharpie products for close to twenty years now, and I cannot believe this new line of liquid graphite mechanical pencils managed to pass quality control. In a word, they SUCK. It’s akin to writing with a pen that’s very nearly out of ink. I cannot overstate just how BAD this product performs.

  20. I was really disappointed with the pencil. The liquid graphite doesn’t flow at all. Going to try to scribble a bit see if that helps. I love the sharpie brand but I was bummed out when my pencil didn’t work.

  21. Skips really bad really gets frustrating when I am plugging in dollars and cents…not an accountants dream pencil

  22. Worse pencil ever hands down! I purchased because I like the Sharpie brand and have never had any problems with their products until now! What a incredible waste of money! I, too, want my money back.

  23. Wow! – What a lot of bad press on this blog. I almost bought a dozen of these for Xmas stocking stuffers. – But no way after reading about the uneven flow, skipping and eraser problems. Great concept. When I start seeing good comments, I’ll purchase.

  24. The liquid pencil is a great product idea. And based on the picture, it looked like a good to use. But I hope that the skipping will be solved so that more people could feel satisfied with their writing.

    /Kristen B.
    Onkyo tx-nr708 Review

  25. Great concept! Poor design! The liquid graphite doesn’t flow consistantly, causing me to go over things I’ve already written, which ends up looking VERY sloppy. The plastic housing rattles so much it could keep someone next to you awake if doing a crossword in bed. Like I said, great, even wonderful concept, I just can’t believe Sharpie dropped the ball like this and unveiled such a crappy product. Why not take an extra 6 months to perfect it? I still have my receipt, how do I go about getting a refund? Or better yet free product replacement once Sharpie works out all the kinks??

  26. I bought a pair and at first test they were great but quickly started skipping. After raving about them a classmate got a pair too. She found that hers eventually stopped skipping and are now wonderful but I have been scribbling until the page is covered and found no relief from the skipping. I wonder if it is a variation in manufacturing or if there is some trick to getting it working. Is the graphite ink oil or alcohol based? Would a drop of alcohol or mineral oil help get things going?

  27. Incredibly disappointing product. Did quality control exist as part of your operations? Don’t buy. Skip so badly they are unusable and if you touch the ink after you’ll just rub it clean off the paper. Any eraser works. Heck my finger worsks best. I can not recommend this pen – because it’s not a pencil. It’s a pen sharpie.

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  29. Well, you know that sound that the black board makes when you scratch it with your finger nails. You can’t stand it right? This is how I react to a lead pencil or mechanical when you write with it on paper. I love the liquid graphite pencils because I can write without covering my ears or wearing ear plugs. So Thank you for such a wonderful creation. Much love brother, much love.

  30. I love this pencil. At first I was bummed out because it was skipping, but a second of scribbling cured that, and now it writes smoother than most pens that I’ve ued. I always hated using pencils because of the friction and unnatural feel, so I developed a sort of nervous tic about using them. This liquid pencil has changed everything, thank you.

  31. Totally worthless product! I cant believe how this passed any form of quality control. Bought a two pack and both does not write consistently. I’m sending this back to you for a replacement or refund!

  32. I got for christmas and I love it. It doesnt smear like lead pencils. I do a LOT of writing in pencil and I love this one. Awesome invention and idea. As for the skipping, for a touch when I first started using it. now, no problem at all. Love Sharpie!! keep it up

  33. I’m very disappointed in this pencil. It is very inconsistent in ink flow. I am constantly having to scribble to get it going again. I love the concept and hope you find a way to improve it. I am just upset that I wasted $4+ on these.

  34. Until I bought the liquid pencil, I loved ALL things Sharpie. Now, I’m throwing away this product and may just go back to Pilot for my writing needs.

  35. Unless you are a five-year old just learning the basics of handwriting through oversized, general, sweeping strokes or you are given to a certain doodling proclivity, the Sanford Sharpie Liquid Pencil is rendered a poor imitation of its claimed writing instrument namesake – the pencil. While it purports to write as smooth as a pen but erase like a pencil, that claim is only half true. It does erase like a pencil – thankfully – as you’ll find yourself using this feature regularly wanting to erase the unsightly writing that is far from smooth. You must maintain a certain and consistent level of pressure in order to get a smooth, steady “lead” flow; otherwise, the result is a series of streaky, broken strands of “ink” that you may or may not be able to string together as words or sentences. And, the liquid graphite only looks the part – sort of…as the “liquid graphite” merely looks like a diluted version of black ink. Finally, while I applaud the concept, its execution is seriously lacking and warrants considerable time back at the proverbial drawing board.

  36. I bought one of these last year (2pk) and it worked awful, the skipping never stopped after pages of writing. Sent back to company under their replacement guarantee, still waiting for a response since November 2011. Product FAIL and also Service FAIL.

  37. I bought 3 of these the day they were released, and I hated them. They skipped, it felt like I was trying to write on sandpaper, and they just sucked. I threw them in a drawer and forgot about them for months. I pulled one out by accident one day and started writing…and it was one of the best things I’ve ever written with. I don’t know what changed while they were sitting, but if you have these and hate them, use them again in a couple of months. You won’t be disappointed.

  38. This thing is horrible. It writes like a pen that is running out of ink. I try scribbling with it, and it still is just as bad. I’m just going to continue using my cheap mechanical pencils. Thanks for the attempt Sharpie, but stick to markers and pens.

  39. I would have to agree with the users here. I only bought the Sharpie Liquid Pencil two days ago. I was looking at mechanical pencils at Walmart and my eyes came across this Sharpie Liquid pencil. “Wow!” I thought! “This is awesome! I love Sharpie products of all sorts! Their quality has never failed me. So I have no doubt that this will be a great product!” The next day I went to Algebra class and busted out my new Sharpie Liquid pencil like a proud parent. As I began to write I noticed gaps in my numbers. I thought “well I just started using it, I’ll give it time to warm up”. After an hour of class my Sharpie Liquid Pencil still had not met my high expectations. :-( Sad face. I am now sitting here working on some equations and having to rerun the pencil over what I have written to ensure I get a full digit written out. This is making homework take longer. It is a huge annoyance. I just knew Sharpie would of gotten this down pat. I guess not. Hope to see lots of improvements and perhaps even a larger handheld eraser as an extra bonus, or a case to carry the refills in. They are so small and can get lost easy. A large handheld eraser (of the same material) would be useful too.

  40. DO NOT BUY!
    It amazes me when corporations, especially ones with great products like Sharpie, release crap like this to the market. These are so universally bad, almost completely non-functional as even a normal pen, that I can’t believe Sharpie was unaware of the problems PRIOR to deciding to put their name on this junk and accept people’s money it.

    In my particular case, not only did you fail to make a couple dollars profit on a sale, because these went right back to the store, but you have weakened your brand position from “completely trustworthy” to something much “less worthy.”

  41. As many other post I am disappointed with the new Liquid Pencil. I was pretty excited to see the new product. It has very inconsistent in ink flow and after a lot of trying, the pencil never had a even ink flow. I could not recommend this product. Too bad, great idea.

  42. I bought a pack of the pencils. Every one of them was shoty. Ink skips. The line is very light and pale. Does not feel like a smooth writing process. Tried several techniques to get the pencil to write well. Nothing improved.
    Just like erasable pens, they just don’t preform well.

  43. I really wanted to fall in love with this new pencil. I’m a piano teacher, and I write with pencil all day in students’ music and assignment books. I just can’t get this to write even as smoothly as my old reliable papermate mechanicals. The “ink” doesn’t flow consistently, even after scribbling a bit. I’m hoping for a new, improved model.

  44. I bought one of your pins, Liquid Pencil and, like many of the other entries on this blog I was disappointed with how much the pen skips. I did a whole sheet of typing paper front and back with back-and-forth movements at all angles until practically all of the available writing surface was covered with my scratching. It didn’t get any better and I’m wondering what is in store for the customer who purchased your product? It does erase very well.

  45. Like all the other reviews about the pencil, I too, am experiencing the same thing. I love the sharpie pen and I wish I was completely happy with the pencil. When it does write, it’s wonderful, but I can not spend majority if my time scribbling trying to get it to work :( Please fix fast, so that I could purchase again, new and improved. Thx a bunch :))

  46. I bought a pack a few weeks ago, because I thought they would be perfect for taking notes in class…Complete waste of money!!

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  48. I’m having the same problem with the ink. I bought the pencil because I thought it would write smoothly like a gel pen. I have arthritis in my fingers and writiing can be painful. The ink keeps skipping and I have to go back and try to fill it in. And it works best if you hold it straight up, which is akward. Please go back to the “drawing board”. Pun intended.

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