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Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

UPDATED 8/19/10

Available in stores September 2010.

We updated the image above and removed the reference to permanency in comparison to Sharpie markers.  To clarify, the liquid graphite in the Sharpie Liquid Pencil initially erases completely from paper, but over time it becomes “permanent” in the sense that it can no longer be completely erased.  But unlike a Sharpie permanent marker, you will always be able to erase it to some degree.

475 thoughts on “Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

  1. I hate this pen. The writing isn’t constant, it skips every second. I thought sharpie was good :P but i feel like breaking this piece of junk.

  2. I haven’t had a perfect record with my sharpie liquid pencils. I was really excited to try them out, but when I first bought them, they would barely write. So I was pretty upset at this 5 dollar purchase that didn’t work. Fast forward, beginning of the school year, I tried using them again, and they started working more consistently. No more skipping and rewriting every word. So I used them pretty exclusively for notes and math hw for a semester, until the erasers ran out, and I sort of forgot about them.

    Come today, I’m cleaning up my desk, and I find the replacement erasers. Excited, I give it a try on my engineering hw, and write my name atop my engineering pad. Curious to try out the “non-smudge” feature, I lightly rub my finger across my name. To my dismay, it came right off! Not cool sharpie. I throw my graph pad in my bag along with a bunch of other notebooks, so the possibility of it rubbing up against something is quite high.

  3. I bought a set of these around Christmas time in 2010 and was sorely disappointed with the skipping. I left them in he file box I had taken with me to my mothers and promptly forgot about them. Over a year later, I finally empty the file box and find them and decide to use one for my math class. WOW-I used them to take my math quiz, and the ink was so smooth and the wider barrel kept my hand from cramping while I did my figuring for 43 algebra problems. I did notice I was holding the pen upright, but even when I held it normally, it worked fine-no skipping.

  4. Just got them. Was excited but now am not too sure about them. They skip and the “ink” is inconsistent.

  5. I purchased a package today from Wal-mart, and boy are these Sharpie liquid pencils TERRIBLE! The liquid graphite (I assume that’s what it is) is so inconsistent coming out, that sometimes an entire letter will not show up. If I write a sentence the majority of what I write is barely visible; very frustrating. On top of that, you can’t write with it an an angle like you would normally write with a pen, you have to hold the pencil so that is is perpendicular to the what you’re writing on, and holding a pencil/pen like this isn’t very natural. I don’t know how these pencils made it out of development being so faulty, especially considering that the Sharpie pens are awesome! I can’t believe these are made by the same company. These have been out for years, and they STILL haven’t fixed them. Shame on you Newell Rubbermaid or whatever the name of company is.

  6. I too have found that these pencils skip a lot – a little better writing if you hold them straight up…disappointed.

  7. Purchased a pair at Target
    Worthless , I would like my money back or at least a coupon for another product.
    Skips on 93% of the paper I need to use this product with


  9. Don’t buy this pencil. I bought it because I love Sharpie products and assumed this pencil would be higher quality, but after trying to write with it I soon realized I had made a mistake. It doesn’t write smoothly, I have filled up a whole page with scribbles trying to get it to write but that hasn’t helped. I tried writing with it perpendicular to the paper but it still skipped. This piece of junk is a waste of money.

  10. Hi Al- We are so sorry you aren’t satisfied with the Liquid Pencil and would be happy to assist you. If you would please reach out to our amazing consumer affairs team at, 1 800 438 3703, and they will get you all straightened out!

    Thank you so much for reaching out!

  11. I, too, am disappointed with the Sharpie Pencil. I didn’t
    hesitate to buy it when I saw it. I will have to call the number above. Please keep working on it. It will be a great product when the kinks get worked out!

  12. I bought these today, maybe if I am lucky I can get my money back tommorow from Target. This is not a good pen at any price.

    This is not an old idea, It is an old bad idea. Erasable did not work well 30 years ago and it does even worse now. Out of the 12 comments I have read so far, not one positive review. This is the company web site mind you.

  13. I too am, dissappointed. I am a artist and the idea of contiuous sketching was appealing, however, the skipping is annoying. Great idea, once it is perfected, it will be n artist dream come true.

  14. I am really disappointed because as soon as I saw them I didnt hesitate to buy but they skipped A-LOT of ink.

  15. I like the other had problems with it skipping when I first purchased them. Like the one poster. I put them in my drawer and forgot about them. Not sure how long they were in the drawer, but a long time. Now they work great. They are very smooth to write with but the tops on both of mine flop around. Would love to buy refills, but if I have to put them in a drawer for a year before using, whats the point?

  16. Yeah, this is entirely a gut buster. I bought these thinking, “Oh god, liquid pencil. This is going to be great for illustrating and sketches!” but was I fooled entirely. The so called “ink” is inconsistent and it doesn’t always work. You have to draw on a specific surface to get the right feel you want, unlike real pencils. Good thing is, they erase ok but they leave a HUGE stress mark where you drew. I’m entirely disappointing in these. I’d like to get a refund but I know Target won’t take them back.

  17. When i got first got this pen I was happy,The ink skips a lot and it is very light, and barely noticeable, and I use pencils a lot since i’m in school at the moment. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anybody

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  19. Just wasted 5 bucks for this piece of junk! The packaging LIED! It said it wrote as smooth as a does not. I can’t even write one single word without the stupid thing skipping. So fustrating.

  20. I’m a pen/pencil junkie, and I LOVE Sharpie, but boy… was I disappointed. I really wanted to love these, but the “ink” is extremely inconsistent. I have to press really hard when I write and even then, barely anything comes out. I wish I had read about this product before purchasing it. Live and learn.

  21. Got a pair at Target because it sounded like a neat product and had the Sharpie name. Skips on most papers I tried it on. While the color is a bit darker than a standard graphite pen, regular graphite is crisper and cleaner looking. This product does not perform as expected and is not recommended.

  22. eah I agree I bought them too and they skipped all over the place. Im not sure if it is Walmart selling junky items, maybe I shouldve tried office max. I actually threw it away it was so bad. So much for my 3.00$ :/ Jeesh. Typically Sharpie is excellent, I trust the name. Thanks for listening! Holly

  23. Hello,
    I purchased packs of these pens for my young son because I was amazed at the idea of a pencil that won’t break. HOWEVER, these are the WORST pencils ever. When you use them the led skips letters and sometimes whole sentences. You will spend more time going over the letters than writing. I wish that I never brought them. I called sharpie today 4/23/12 because I wanted to voice my opinion and apparently I haven’t been the only one. I was told that they are aware of it. My next question is if you are aware of it then why don’t you pull it from the shelves until you fix the issue. This pencil is unusuable and they know it. Its not fare for consumers to buy the product you know does not do what it says it should.
    I am VERY dissapointed. :(

  24. I love Sharpie pens and, like others, thought these would be really good. However, the “liquid pencils” write way worse than the cheapest ball point pen you could ever get for free. The “liquid lead” skips on every kind of paper I;ve tried to use, writes way lighter than a No. 2 pencil, and will actually rub off if you’re not careful. The 2-pack I bough at Target was pretty cheap, but still not worth $3 or so I paid.
    Seriously. These things need to go back to the drawing board (no pun intended).

  25. I never visit product websites, yet the rediculously poor performance of this product compelled me. I have the same complaint as ALL of the above. I bought this pencil from what I believed was a strong brand name. A brand synonymous with quality. This pencil is going to tarnish your brand reputation if not promtly addressed. I have never bought a brand name product that has so UNDERwhemled me. Quite frankly, it was a splurge to buy this product, but I thought it worth the money since I prevoiusly had no doubt in the quality of the Sharpie brand. I have major doubts now. Especially since you have been aware of the problem since October of last year and you are still selling the product!

  26. This is a horrible product. I went online to find out how to reload the pencil I just bought. I thought that the manufacturer put a small supply of liquid into it (because barely anything came out), and I needed to refill it to use it. Now I find out that it already has the ink in it and that’s just how it works. I’m shocked that Sharpie would put out such a bad product. I’ve never purchased something from the brand that was even subpar, and then I get this piece of junk…

  27. Grrrrr! I had two Sharpie pencils I bought last year. We moved and they were lost and then found MONTHS later. They worked fabulously. The last one just ran out last night and I went to Target and bought two more. Both new pencils write so inconsistently they are worthless. Sharpie, this is just a theory, but maybe you need to change the packaging. Based on personal experience, and the previous comments, people who have stored them for a prolonged period have great success with them. The main difference between store “storage” and home storage is the position of the pencils: horizontal at home in a drawer or box, versus verticle, on display, at the store. Given it is a liquid product the physics may parallel getting catsup out of a bottle: verticle comes out spotty, an angle comes out smooth. A simple change in package configuration may solve this problem. If this works, I would like a lifetime supply of Sharpie products please.

  28. COMPLETELY disappointed in this product. Will never buy from a company again who uses their good reputation and marketing tactics to draw people to spend over two dollars on a product that is totally useless and ineffective. The ink doesn’t flow at all. Shame on you Sharpie for selling a product that you KNOW is ineffective. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t been SUED for FALSE advertisement……just absurd. If only I kept my receipt, then maybe I could’ve gotten a refund. To anyone out there, DO NOT buy this product……

  29. I was a bit skeptical when I bought them, but thought it was worth a try. I was curious.

    The good news. My curiousity was satisfied. My skepticism was justified.

    The bad news. My skepticism was justified, and then some.

    Turns out the marks become more-or-less permanent after a matter of days, according to what I’ve since read. And because this product has been around since 2010, it’s very unlikely it will get better.

    I certainly won’t buy it again, unless a better version is developed. And I’ll want to see it write, first.

  30. Wow, I wish I had read these comments before spending money on this. I love sharpie products, but I think they really missed the mark on this one. I was so excited to see this at the store today, but I can’t take any notes with it. I’m very stubborn and I keep trying to make it work and it still breaks up. The worst part is, if you erase where it broke up, then it won’t write on that part of the paper at all.
    I’m really disappointed about this one, Sharpie. :-(

  31. One would think after al the complaints you would have fixed the skipping problem. Ha! Wrong again! Shame on you.

  32. Update on my post from May 7th. I kept the two pencils I bought on their sides, in drawer since that post. I just tested them-it’s like night and day! They flow smoothly now, like my old ones!

    Other people who are disappointed in this product, just try leaving them on their side for a few weeks and then try them again! Let’s do our own test as consumers, what do we have to lose? I already spent the $3 and tossed the receipt. Post back if it works please.

  33. I just bought yesterday and at first found the same thing of lack of ink. Was as if the ‘lead’ was not in the pencil. Now found if I first shake the pencil down
    before I start to write then it seems to make a huge difference. Also the design is not happy when one writes quickly which is where the issue happens. If one writes slowly not an issue. As I bought just to schedule appts and make a list……I am fine. If purchaser wants to write an article in pencil they will be out of luck as the ink does not keep up with the speed. So define your use first before buyiing;. As someone whol travels a lot the idea of a pencil where I do not have to carry extra lead is great..I also appreciated the 6 extra erasers enclosed with the package, something almost all companies do not do

  34. Extremely disappointed in the sharpie liquid pencils that I purchased yesterday. I am a teacher and I was shocked that Sharpie still has this item on the shelves. I will try laying it on its side for a while to see if it will work. Sharpie I would think that you all would truly test these items more before they are released for the public and I find it hard to believe that you all didn’t run across these same issues.

  35. I too love Sharpie products, but i am very disappointed in this product. I had no hesitation when purchasing the pencil because i have always had great luck with Sharpie products, not with this one. It needs to go back to the drawing board :(

  36. What a severe disappointment! I LOVE Sharpie products, and when I was shopping for pencils earlier, these seems like an obvious choice. They are a complete and total waste of money. I’m going to just throw them in the trash. They skip, and spending just five minutes writing with them will leave you annoyed and frustrated. Shame on Sharpie for releasing such a blatantly defective product! They’ve used their great trademark to sell junk to unsuspecting people.

  37. I to bought the liquid pencil and I LOVE it, the only problem is finding refill for it….I have checked Walmart where I bought it, Staples, and they only have the pencils….. I dont need more pencils— just the refills…. So where can I get them???????

  38. Worst. Pencil. Ever. It makes the ‘Erasermate’ pen from the 80′s look like a Mont Blanc. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

    Also, if these pencils need to be ‘aged’ by storing them on their side for a few months, maybe Sharpie can do that at the factory. What a joke.

  39. So disappointed in these. I can barely even write with them. Shame on you Sharpie! I’ll definitely think twice about purchasing anything with the Sharpie name from now on.

  40. These pencils are terrible — and really overpriced. I paid $9.99 for 4 of them at Office Depot — $2.50 a pencil and I suppose that is my own stupidity for spending $2.50 a piece…but really! I am always up to try a new Sharpie product but I SO wish I could return these!

  41. HORRIBLE!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Unfortunately no one reads a website on “pencils” before they buy them. I also threw away my receipt assuming these would be could based on the sharpie name. Laying on the side thing didnt work for me. And do I want them laying around waiting for them to work? NO!! I will DEFINATELY NOT be buying a sharpie product just because it comes from sharpie. Too bad. I am a burned consumer. I like the bic velosicty for a good pencil

  42. These Sharpie Liquid Pencils are a WASTE OF MONEY!!! Good idea, but horrible! I want my money back!

  43. Absolutely disappointing!!
    A lot of the reviews mentioned skipping, and as a fast writer, this problem couldn’t got worse. Even after scribbling on a different paper, after half a word, becomes impossible to write. I would never be using this in a professional setting. Please improve your product please. It is not a bad idea, but too undetected to go on market. I do not understand how these ended up on the shop…

  44. I unlike you most of you guys enjoyed the pencil. I usually write with my pen perpendicular to the paper, that’s probably why it work great for me. The eraser is amazing, too! i love how when you erase, nothing remain.

    on a scale of one to 10 i would give this product a 7.5

  45. Glad I’m not the only one very disappointed. I just bought one of these things marked down at Meijer’s — that should have been a tip off. It skips so much as to be unusable. Before I’d read all the comments here, I tried holding it in different positions, straight up works a bit better. But that’s too awkward. I shouldn’t have to change my writing to suit the instrument.

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