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Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

UPDATED 8/19/10

Available in stores September 2010.

We updated the image above and removed the reference to permanency in comparison to Sharpie markers.  To clarify, the liquid graphite in the Sharpie Liquid Pencil initially erases completely from paper, but over time it becomes “permanent” in the sense that it can no longer be completely erased.  But unlike a Sharpie permanent marker, you will always be able to erase it to some degree.

475 thoughts on “Introducing The NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL – UPDATED

  1. writes like a pen that is running out of ink. the storage in the drawer trick that has been mentioned hasnt helped either. Sad to see that the product has been out for 2 years and it still sucks. PRODUCT SHOULD BE PULLED FROM SHELVES UNTIL CORRECTED.

  2. same here! disapointed. i was so excited when i bought them and then used them in class today and it was the only pen i brought, so i missed half of my notes in algebra class and because of the skipping and trying to write over it to cover the skipping my 2 ended of looking like a 3 and i got a problem wrong! please take it off of the market until fixed.

  3. I Purchased a set of the Sharpie Liquid Pencils last week from Staples. They are very disappointing to use. A lot of skipping. I am very frustrated. The back of the package says that if the product doesn’t work properly, the consumer may return it for replacement. WELL, I DO NOT WANT A REPLACEMENT! I ALREADY HAVE 2 THAT DON’T WORK WELL!
    Bottom line: This is a very poor product.

  4. Disappointed with the product. Was not able to complete even a word without the “Skip”. My image towards Sharpie product has taken a beating .
    Both the units in the pack has the same result. Stay away from the “Liquid” Pencil product.

  5. I purchased the sharpie pencils a year ago and was disappointed with their performance. They’ve been sitting among my other desk supplies and recently decided to clean out my desk. I tried them again and found that they still skip when I write as if they are running out of ink. I know it’s too long from the purchase date to return and I do not have the receipt. I will never buy this type again. I would think with all the other negative comments that this is not the first time these “pencils” have been an issue and would think that the company’s testing of these “pencils” would have had similar results before you put them on the market!!!!

  6. I just got some of these for my work, skip very badly, hard to get it to write, I was hoping I could use these instead of a pen, but that doesn’t seem to be like it’s going to happen.

  7. I found a way to fix MOST of the skipping, you press the tip into the paper so hard you dent three pages. Yeah, I have to press that hard to actually see the line.

  8. Just bought these. Terrible. Usually love Sharpie products, but these are a dud. As with the previous posts, writing skips something terrible. Erases well, but with all the skips you just have to erase all the more.

  9. i WISH i read the reviews on these BEFORE i bought them. i had been looking at them since they came out and FINALLY decided to by them. UGH!!! waste of 4.00. i know that doesnt sound like much to some but that is a lot for me for a pencil. they are awful.

  10. I just bought this product last night and I am very disappointed. I tried using it at work and its hard to read and skip.

    Its a great idea but it still have a lot of problems.

  11. I figured since Sharpie, a well known trusted brand was selling these supposed “liquid pencils” I’d give them a try. As if other reviewers couldn’t have said it anymore. SKIP SKIP SKIP. My notes look awful! Not to mention I am left handed, halfway through my notes I realized the notes had been rubbed off by my cotton sweater. Extremely disappointed in this product that should be taken off all store shelves! Good thing I never used it on a test scantron form since it claims it is #2 equivalent, I would’ve turned in a blank form!

  12. I love the concept of a liquid pencil and the gray/graphite ink. I hope you are able to improve the liquid pencil. I love the packaging, the look of the pencil, just wish it worked a little better. Don’t discontinue, just improve and I will buy another set. :)

  13. these pencils are actually terrible. so frustrating to try and use that i have given up. i will give them a 2/10, and throw them in the trash


    This products does not write properly. There is no consistency when writing.

  15. Disappointed as well. i was expecting a smooth writing experience but had more skips than i wanted.

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  18. I don’t have a problem with these pencils they seem to work well for me. Maybe some people should learn how to write with them. I was on here to find out if they have refills for them . Mine came with 6 extra erasers.

  19. I wish i would have read the reviews too. Usually Sharpie makes a good product but these Liquid Pencils don’t work very well, maybe i got a bad batch? I went back to my mechanical pencils.

  20. Seriously, why market these as pencils whey they’re clearly erasable pens?! And why put them in with the mechanical pencils? THEY’RE PENS!!!!! And they write horribly when they write at all.

  21. Everyone who says that these pencils skip, how long have you actually used them? Like an pen these require a bit of doodling and drawing random lines before they start to write perfectly but once they do they are amazing. I had mine for about a week and it works flawlessly.

  22. When new, these pencils skip a lot, but no worse than a cheap pen does and the skipping decreases as you use the pencil more. For what I use them for they work OK but not as well as a decent (but more expensive) mechanical pencil. They are better than an erasable pen as they don’t smear nearly as badly and they erase more cleanly. Overall, it’s an OK product but nothing more. It’s definitely not up to Sharpie’s usual quality.

  23. They skip…. AT FIRST!!! If you keep using it, they work properly!!!

    Nice product!!!! Could come in colors

    Could sell erasers separate..

  24. “eventually this will work” doesn’t cut it. sorry I didn’t check here before buying. any other product from sharpie has always performed flawlessly for me right out of the package onto the paper. until now! extremely disappointed.

  25. I am experiencing the same problem. I love the concept, but they skip VERY badly. Please, oh please, come up with a reformulated liquid “lead” that writes smooth and reliably. I will forever buy these if you do!!

  26. I nearly jumped on this Frankenpencil in a “Gee, that’s pretty cool!” moment. Thankfully I thought better and decided to see what users think before I made a purchase. A lucky break for me…

    Clearly, this Sharpie product is not ready for prime time, and may never be if owners continue to react so passionately negative. A good ole #2 Ticonderoga has never skipped, and never will. They are not a gimmick, and have stood the test of generations of users. Back to the drawing board Sharpie.

  27. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! this won’t even write two letters with out skipping. i am so mad they even produced this and put it in stores. I thought this would be perfect for physics lab write ups, but it skips so much it makes me want to call and yell at who ever designed this pen”cil”. How dare you take my money, waste my time, and make a joke of my writing. I like everything that sharpie has to over, but defiantly not this product, you owe your customers an apology.

  28. I was so excited to get my liquid pencil, but I also had trouble with it skipping when I wrote. Now, this is a new invention, so was a little more patient with the understanding. The liquid graphite “lead”, I noticed, if you keep writing, will end up erasing itself. So, I had an idea.

    I took a napkin and squirted a little sanitizer on it and dipped my pencil in there and wrote a few times on the napkin, thinking that maybe it was a little clogged or dirty. It worked wonders and has not skipped since.

    With all new inventions, they are never perfect the first time, but I think was a grand idea to try to make. I hope this works for you guys.

    I love Sharpie.

  29. Just bought these and haven’t had the “skipping” problem many reviews mention. I am not pressing extra hard either. Sometime at the beginning of writing it has a little blurb, just like a pen. Also, mine came with 6 extra erasers which I am not sure how I can possibly use them all! Anyway, just thought I’d add a positive review since I’m pretty darn happy with these! I am using them for my organizer, so I like that it doesn’t smear.

  30. i am very dissapointed with the sharpie pencils, even my teacher told me that she hates it when i turn in papers because she can hardly read the ink or whatever. i would like to get a new one but i recommend doing something about the pencil clogging up. i really like sharpie products and i think that the “pencil” was produced before all problems were fixed to get a bigger grip of the market.

  31. **To people saying that they can’t find eraser refills: the liquid pencil CAN be erased by standard erasers!**

    At first my liquid pencils did skip really badly, like a pen running out of ink. But the more positive reviews hold true: after you’ve used it for a while, it writes pretty smoothly; it seems to require a little more pressure than I’d like to apply, though, and it doesn’t handle curves very well. Hopefully with continued use, these problems will work themselves out, too. On a positive note, it doesn’t smudge like pencil or pen, which is nice.
    The only thing that truly disappoints me is that it doesn’t look like graphite. With a name like “liquid pencil,” I was expecting something that looked like a mechanical pencil, even if it wrote like a pen. But it looks just like black ink! “Truly Erasable Pen” would have been a much better way to market this product, in my opinion.

  32. i read these reviews AFTER i got the product. was writing and was VERY disappointed when it continued to skip after a horrible page and a half. i tried using sanitizer on a napkin like a comment had said, worked for a little while. after about three pages of writing it stopped skipping and so far is working good. i don’t like that the writing rubs of with your finger or hand, and me being a leftie, rubs it off a lot. i’m just going to stick with the UNIBALL KURU TOGA. this pencil works wonders. it rotates the lead when you write so the point stays sharp and even without going flat on one side. the rotation of the lead does NOT interfere with my writing like i thought it would. for more reviews over the office supplies you buy most go to OFFICESUPPLYGEEK.COM i love this website and go there often before i buy a product. :) Merry Christmas! :D

  33. I also read these comments after I bought them. I bought one pack specifically for the puzzles in the paper. Have not found the perfect pencil for that. At first I loved mostly because they erased without making a mess. The skipping bothered me, but since I buy office products for my work unit, I have come to consider the Sharpie name as top of the line. So … I gave them another try as I would most quality names. Working in mfg I know stuff happens. Just like all the other posts here, they are actually worthless and considering how long these complaints have been being posted, why are they still on the shelves. I have since thrown them away. I really would like to know just what the heck happened. I know this a waste of time but I feel better.

  34. I purchased a twin pack liquid pencil and a twin back refill because I just knew it had to be great. They have been so disappointing. It skipps so bad I cannot stand it. They were not worth the money I paid.

  35. I was so excited to purchase these liquid pencils today. I’m so disappointed! They don’t work. Not even a little. They skip and sometimes nothing comes out at all. How can this product be on the market? I don’t want a replacement and it’s irritating to have to drive 20 miles back to where I purchased them, especially with the price of gas!

  36. Just bought one, I don’t find the skipping much of a problem, ceratinly not as bad as constantly breaking leads in a traditional mechanical pencil! useing mine for biological drawing, like the result so far!

  37. I purchased a set of sharpie liquid pencils because I am obsessed with Sharpie. These skip and don’t work well. This was a huge waste of money.

  38. I just bought a colored 2 pack of the liquid pencils for my son, he likes to use mechanical pencils for school. The only hesitation I had was the fact that they are not scantron approved and if they are then they don’t have it on package but I bought them anyway ( I was intrigued :) ) and they seem to work perfect I have been sitting here doodling and haven’t had a single skip. Now whether they stay that way we’ll just have to wait and see….

  39. I am absolutely stunned by the fact that no one from Sharpie has responded to all of this criticism. I, too, have suffered from the skipping issues. I tried drawing swirls on a piece of paper to try to get the ink flowing and it actually got WORSE. I’m happy for those of you who seem to be able to make them work, but clearly the vast majority of us here are not so lucky.

    Very disappointing for such a great brand.

    I recommend you try the Frixion erasible pen by Pilot. The eraser lasts forever and it writes MUCH better than the Sharpie. The Frixion comes in 3 different colors too!

  40. I needed something to write with in class so I asked my friend for a pencil,and this is what she gave me. The skipping is very frustrating,but the eraser works great,I have found that to lessen the skipping you have to press ever so lightly,so that the pencil is barely touching the paper. Please fix that though,it seems all the other comments agree with me.

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