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Submit Your Doodle to SharpieUncapped!

Meet Sunni Brown, Sharpie’s new doodle expert!  Of course, at Sharpie, we know the importance of doodling, but we thought with a real live DOODLE EXPERT, you’d be convinced too!  Did you know that doodling actually stimulates the mind?

Maybe teachers frown upon it in class and most likely your boss thinks that you’re not listening in meetings when she sees the corner of your note pad filled with aliens, flowers and race cars, but here at Sharpie we encourage this form of creativity!    We’ve created a community on entirely devoted to doodling!

You can submit your doodle to SharpieUncapped and Sunni Brown, our resident doodle expert, could select yours as to be the  Doodle-of-the-Day!  Every day Sunni will pick a doodle to be analyzed –  Ever wonder what your doodles say about you?  This is your chance to find out. Submit your doodle to today!

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