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Create While You Hydrate

Fresh beats, cool drinks and urban art -  Sounds like paradise to me!  Now, where does one find such an oasis….

Our friends at Urbane Apartments coordinated an area of R&R for attendees of Michigan’s Arts Beats & Eats fest over Labor Day Weekend.  Sharpie hopped on board with the great people over at vitaminwater to put this event into action.  Transforming one of Urbane Apartments’ into, what was known as a “Hydration Gallery,” fest-goers were invited into a “chic lounge atmosphere” to cool off, rehydrate with delicious vitaminwater and create works of art with Sharpie Markers on easels that were set up around the lounge, all the while enjoying tunes provided by  Livio Radio

Here are some pictures from the Hydration Gallery.  If you missed out, not to worry, it looks like the event was such a success that these Hydration Galleries may just pop up at a fest near you!

One more thing! 

A HUGE thanks to Josh Bartlett and Stephen Roginson from Glaceau for the generous supply of vitaminwater!  You would not believe how quickly these disappeared.  I guess doodling all day can really make one quite thirsty!

Thank you!

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