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Gear Up for College Gameday

Can you smell it?!  The sweet scent of the NCAA  is in the air!  Today I got some inspiration to write about showing off your team’s colors and what better way to gear up than to make a one of a kind piece of apparel to show off?

This morning,  Sharpie’s senior brand manager, Ben asked if I had any college apparel that I’d made with Sharpie markers lying around.  Surprisingly enough, I don’t have anything conveniently stored at my desk, but I did have something else:  1 Plain White T-Shirt and a handful of Sharpie markers.  And of course, like every responsible sports fan, the ability to draw my alma mater’s mascot like a pro.

This took all of 30 minutes this morning and I hope that it stirs up a little inspiration in you to make a Game Day tee of your own. If you’re not good at drawing, tracing is man’s best friend – courtesy of Word Art, I printed out letters, put them under the t-shirt and traced “Rock Chalk.”

(Please pardon the wrinkles. We needed a Sharpie sports tee this morning and needed one fast – This one was crammed in a filing cabinet.)



On the topic of Gameday, we’ve also got a great How-To video for customizing a Bean Bag Toss set found on Sharpie’s YouTube page. 


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