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Sharpie Squad Guest Blogger: Linda Ellett

Today’s guest blogger is Sharpie Squad member, Linda Ellett of the popular L’Esperence Tile Works on  Linda, who has been on the squad for two years, is a professional artist specializing in decorating pottery with Sharpie markers.  Celebrating 31 years of tile-making with L’Esperence Tile Works, every one of Ellett’s tiles is handmade and hand-glazed in her upstate New York studios!  Take some time to get to know Linda Ellett…

Hello Sharpieland!

I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself…..My name is Linda Ellett, and I live in Rock City Falls, just outside Saratoga Springs, in upstate NY.  I’m a ceramic artist who creates handmade tiles for a living, and that’s how I got to be on the Sharpie Squad for the last 2 years. I decided to create a line of tiles entitled “A Day in My Life”….and, of course, one of those hand carved tiles was of a Sharpie. Why? Well, I think the inscription on the back of the tile says it all: “I can’t live without my Sharpie”. And it’s true!

Sharpie Tile front & back

Sharpie is the marker of choice for everything I do that needs marking in the studio. Labeling boxes, writing notes, making tile and pottery sketches…it goes on and on. I use Sharpie markers & pens to create colorful cards and thank-you notes to my customers. I use them to decorate paper wrappings and even my shipping labels.  And, I doodle, especially while I’m on the phone – hey, studies have shown that if you doodle while listening to someone talk, your memory retains more of the information – and some of my doodles inspire my carvings and pottery. I’ve thought it might be fun to have my doodles analyzed….but I’m just too scared.

Doodling with an Ultra Fine Sharpie marker

Doodling with a Retractable Sharpie Pen

I’m such an enthusiastic Sharpie Squad member that it comes up a lot in conversation. Always, always when I mention it, I hear about a Sharpie project that’s just been done or how someone they know has used their Sharpie for great artistic endeavors. Case in point, my friend Linda. Let me tell you about her daughter….
Allison May Kiphuth is currently in her senior year at Smith College. A studio art major with a concentration in the graphic arts, Allison is almost never without her Moleskine and a good selection of Sharpie products. She is a huge fan of detailed work and small things, and using Sharpie markers always allow her to add the perfect burst of color to pieces such as her tiny cityscape drawings. Take a peek at her wonderful art -
I’ve also started a “Sharpie Spotting” post on my blog “She’s So Clever!” and add to it whenever I can. Check out this one about my pottery student, Ali DeRagon.  *(You can find this original post at –
As a proud member of the 2010 Sharpie Squad, I’m always on the lookout for people using Sharpies. It’s amazing how many people depend on their Sharpies everyday!  Honestly I have seen Sharpies used in many different businesses and by many artists to create unique and wonderful art….but I didn’t have to look very far to find a young artist who has put her Sharpie markers to good use! Ali is my pottery student who I’ve been working with all summer.
Of course she needed a personalized apron to keep the clay off her clothes while working….so I sent her home with a fistful of Sharpie markers and a clean white apron and she came back with a work of art!
Ali asked me to collaborate with her on the design, so I added some details across the top and mixed in here and there.

I must have a Sharpie near me at all times, even when I’m asleep. My motto “A Sharpie a day, keeps me healthy, wealthy and wise”. Or something like that. Sharpie rocks!

3 thoughts on “Sharpie Squad Guest Blogger: Linda Ellett

  1. I’m so glad you featured Allison’s art on this post – I’ve received several cards from her and the illustrations on the envelopes alone are so well done. I keep everything she sends.

  2. I painted a red shark (primarily red) on my grandson’s clear plastic PETG 1 water bottle. I’m thinking it’s probably going to wash off? What can I put on it to keep it permanent and please reassure me this is safe to do for him.

    Loved your article.

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