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Sharpie & TOMS at Georgia College & State University

You’ve probably seen Sharpie at a few TOMS Style Your Sole Events before and I’m happy to say that we’re at it again!  Recently, Sharpie was able to supply Georgia College & State University with a variety of markers in support of the One for One Movement. 

Thank you to the incredible group of GCSU students who allowed Sharpie to be apart of their Style Your Sole Event, and thank you for being passionate young role models who are making a difference in the world – one step, one shoe, one Sharpie at a time! 

Click to read what GCSU had to say about the event

One thought on “Sharpie & TOMS at Georgia College & State University

  1. Dear Sharpie,

    I am the President of TOMS at UGA and we are hosting a Style Your Sole Party on March 27th and were wondering if you would be interested in sponsoring our event by donating markers.

    Thank you,

    Cassandra Schneider

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