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Sharpie Pen RT’s Got a New Look

With the holidays approaching, you’re not the only one that wants to look their best – Just in time for the season’s festivities we’ve given the Sharpie Pen Retractable a makeover and added a few new colors to the collection.

The shiny new Sharpie Pen RT delivers that same quality writing experience, with a few new bells and whistles:

Blue, Red and Black ink

  • Won’t bleed through paper!
  • Quick drying ink to prevent smearing
  • Just click! The first fine point retractable Sharpie Pen!
  • Fine point tip size for everyday writing
  • Soft grip along barrel for added writing comfort
  • Permanent ink on paper
  • Color indicator on plunger to help distinguish the three different ink colors
  • Water resistant, acid free, and AP certified non-toxic ink formula designed for paper

New Colors!

New! Green, Purple and Orange ink

 Hop on over to to find where to get your set of Fine Point Sharpie Pen Retractables.

Pick up yours today and Uncap What’s Inside

7 thoughts on “Sharpie Pen RT’s Got a New Look

  1. Hi Lori, you can find the new Sharpie Pen RT colors at several office supply stores including Staples. You can also purchase them on

  2. Dear Sharpie,

    This September I started going to college. I went to the store to purchase some supplies for this changing time in my life. I came across your new Sharpie pens and I was very excited to try them. I started using them since the very first day of school and was extremely happy and satisfied with the their performance. It came to be about mid September and both of the Sharpie pens ran out of ink. I knew I had been writing with them a lot, so I decided to buy some more. I also bought other pens from other companies just to switch things up a bit. But, alas.. Nothing compared to the blue Sharpie pen. When I bought the new pack I decided to store one my drawer to save until I really needed it. It had only been a few weeks and my Sharpie pen has ran out! I went to use the other one and again, the Sharpie pen’s ink does not secrete from its point! My question is, WHAT IS GOING ON? I know for a fact that I haven’t used it a lot and I always retract the pen’s point back into its shaft. Am I missing something? Or are your amazing pens not so amazing? Could it be a bad batch? The sharpie pens are not cheap and I am sad to have wasted my money on such a pen that is so temporary. Can you help a gal out here?

    Thank you, Sincerely, Elizabeth <3

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