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Usually when I get back into the office on Monday, my email is flooded with various mentions of Sharpie that were posted on the web over the weekend.  While filtering through this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how many great tips, quotes and Sharpie art had been posted, specificially over this past weekend.  And so I give you a..

Recap of my Top 10 favorite weekend posts:

1.  Here’s a helpful tip via - Flip your mattress:  If you have a two-sided mattress (some newer ones are one sided and should never be flipped), turning it over and around every two or three months will lengthen its useful life. (Do it with a friend.) Using a Sharpie, write the numbers 1 through 4, for each of the different ways the mattress can lie, so you vary the placement.”  (Click to read more)

2. Susan Beck’s Sharpie art posted

3.  Read how “Mister Cartoonist” who first designs his tattoos with Sharpie markers, breaks it down in The Big Apple. Article via The New York Times.

4.  Custom built Sharpie motorcycle: “The Sharpie Bopper

5.  This one is really cute! DIY Sharpie Autumn Owl by JustSomeNailsByMJ

6.  Tali Buchler, a fabulous Sharpie Squad Member, announce a Sharpie Paint Marker contest on her blog – Growing Up Creative

7.   CASSEROLE DISH WITH A MESSAGE This 8-inch-square covered ceramic baker has a silicone gasket to prevent spills when you’re taking it on the road. The dish can be baked, frozen and microwaved. But the feature we dig most is the lid. Using a permanent marker (we used a metallic Sharpie), you can label it, date it, give baking instructions (handy in a potluck) and/or decorate it. And booyah: The words wash right off in the dishwasher.  Read on Sharpie lover!

8.  Sharpie Liquid Pencil listed on Collaborative Creativity under:

Favorite Things: 10 Must-Buy 2010 Holiday Gifts for Geeky Guys, Roadwarriors & Modern Men

9.  OFFICE MAX is offering freebies on essential office supplies after using MAXPERKS REWARDS (Hellooo! Sharpie makes a great stocking stuffer!) Here’s the link –>

10.  Last but definitely not least – LOVING this quote from McRay Studios:

“A Sharpie is to an artist, as a light-saber is to a Jedi Knight. I never leave home without my Sharpie!!”

…and below, I have assembled my arsenal of “Sharpie Knights”

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