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Sharpie UK at London Fashion Weekend

Today, Jean Naveau from the Sharpie UK team is stepping in to give you the latest in Sharpie news.  Our UK team was recently at London Fashion Weekend where they hosted a Sharpie DIY pop-up shop.  At the “Sharpie shop” the fashion hungry flocked to design tote bags using a rainbow of Sharpie Permanent Markers.  Jean has a lot to share with you about this fabulous fashion-filled weekend…

Wow – what a busy month we’ve had in the UK! But now I’ve finally recovered and am feeling far more alive I can fill you guys in on how fabulous Sharpie was at London Fashion Weekend.  Just to give you the lowdown (if you don’t know already), Sharpie was one of the official partners of this fashion-fuelled frenzy and as such we got the opportunity to have our very own stand at the event – see below for evidence…


Now, to say our stand was popular doesn’t do it justice, it was THE place to be.  Forget the clothes, forget the catwalk show, people actually flocked to us in their hoards for the chance to customise a Sharpie canvas bag with their own fashion-inspired masterpieces and cor blimey did we get some gooduns!

 Here are some of my favourites…


Our stand attracted so much attention, that even when the bar got full, the space surrounding us was taken up with Sharpie doodlers! They were sitting on the floor, resting against the wall, finding whatever space they could which would allow them to get creative.  And after 600 plus entries we could only pick one designer to win the much sought-after prize of £500 worth of shopping vouchers. The decision was tough and long, but (drum roll please) we chose Bhavika as our favourite design and we hope you guys agree!

Bhavika's winning design

-Jean Naveau, marketing manager UK & Ireland


Big Thanks to Jean, our guest blogger from the Sharpie UK team. We love sharing the ways people Uncap What’s Inside worldwide!

Have you spotted Sharpie in other parts of the world? If so, tell us where! We’d love to hear about it and share your story.

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