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Picture Perfect Frames

Sharpie Squad Member, Alli Whitmore of One Pearl Button has come up with a creative tutorial that you can not only use year round, but the end result also makes a great gift and makes an even bolder statement when hosting a holiday party! Follow along as Alli takes you through this picture perfect DIY project.

Hello Sharpie fans!

I’m so happy to be a member of the Sharpie Squad this year, and so excited to be blogging here today.  This simple tutorial combines two of my favorite creative tools – Sharpie markers (of course!) and Polaroid photos.  It only requires a few minutes to make, and the end result is really fun.  Make a set and package them up for a quick and cute holiday gift, or keep them all for yourself!

Supplies: white vinyl magnet sheet (this should be available at your local craft store); craft knife; pencil; ruler; Sharpie markers!

Step 1: Draw a 3.5 x 4.25″ rectangle (the size of a polaroid picture) on the back of your magnet.  Use a ruler to keep your lines nice and straight.

Step 2: Using a craft knife and a ruler (metal is best, to keep from accidentally cutting it!), cut along your lines to make a rectangle.

Step 3: Draw a line .25″ away from one short edge and from both long edges.  Draw a line .875″ (7/8ths) away from the other short edge.

Step 4: Use the lines you just drew as a guide to cut a box in the center of the rectangle.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the fun part – grab your Sharpies and decorate!  I went with simple captions, but you can do absolutely anything – add drawings or designs, or even color the entire border.*

That’s it!  Stick them on your fridge or magnetic message board and enjoy the retro look.  You can either trim your photos to fit or just slap them on top -either way looks great.

For more on Sharpie, Polaroid, fashion, photography, crafting, and life in general, stop by my blog, One Pearl Button.  I’d love to meet you!

Big thanks to the Sharpie team for hosting me today!

*you can also use Sharpie sister-brand EXPO Dry Erase markers for captions that can be erased and changed whenever you’d like!

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