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Hang on Your Every Word

I saw this wall display at a stationery store in Chicago recently.  Here we have a collection of quotes and sayings written down by different people. The simplicity of this might be the best part. What I found so appealing were the various styles of penmanship and the small details on each card, which give the display personality and character.

*apologies for the photo quality, camera phone was acting up.

You can do this by purchasing blank notecards and having friends, family, coworkers, etc.. write down their favorite quotes and sayings with Sharpie markers. Clip the cards onto a weighted wire and hang on your wall.

This would be a fun activity for a host/hostess to offer party-goers at the next soiree.

What quotes would you write down?

6 thoughts on “Hang on Your Every Word

  1. Glad you saw this wall display in a stationery store that “stAys in plAce” – stationAry (and that it was a store that might offer products on which one might write a lEttEr – stationEry)! :-)

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