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New Works by Boey

Sharpie Squad member Cheeming Boey creates incredibly detailed art on an unexpected canvas. You have likely seen his coffee cup drawings before on the Sharpie Blog and across the web but new today, Boey shares some of his most recent renderings. I love the pop of color Boey incorporates into these new cups.

Tangled (1)

Tangled (2)

Tangled (2)

Buenos Vientos (1)

Buenos Vientos (2)

I'm Turtle (1)

I'm turtle (2)

Second Best (1)

Second Best (2)

Red (1)

Red (2)

 Scroll through more of Cheeming Boey’s art on his Flickr page and at his website,

8 thoughts on “New Works by Boey

  1. I absolutely love the work! Peachy keen! Such expression for those itty bitty styro cups. :D <3

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  3. I really like your ideas how would you feel about putting your designs to be fired on ceramic coffee cups /mugs

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