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9 thoughts on “In so many words…

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  2. Dear Sharpie,

    I am in love with you all over again. I ran the Disney Marathon and I just loved each and every sign that was posted for our delight. Thank you. I am just now discovering all your social objects and think you guys rock. I sincerely hope you have as much fun as you imparted to me, you are doing social right :)

  3. Do you make a ultrafine metallic (sliver) tip. This would be very helpful as it is the only color that showes very good on black. Do you have other suggestions?Thank you.

  4. i umpire softball and baseball games, and i use sharpie markers to fill out my scorecards, love it. I also work in a warehouse and use a king size permanent marker all day. I wish your brand had that sharpie, same item, only half the length, so i can carry it in my pocket easier. Thanks…

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