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Sharpie Drawbot

Finally, a solution to those days when you really want to draw but lack the energy to actually hold a marker in your hand…

Presenting, THE DRAWBOT!

Thank you very much oh Mr. Drawbot-O

Rasterweb provides instructions and the tools you need to build your very own Drawbot.

Look out for the Drawbot in Transformers 4

It's not a Drawbot without Sharpie markers!

You spin me right round baby, right round...

You're running circles in my head.

What color will you choose?

I can only assume that if you build 5 or more of these, the Drawbot could very well take the place of going out on Friday nights (“Sorry honey, I’m playing with my Drawbot”). 

Get your hands on a pack of Sharpie markers, a 9 Volt battery and whatever an Arduino board is and build a Drawbot for endless hours of entertainment!

See more pics and get full directions to building your own Drawbot by clicking HERE

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