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Ba-na-nas for 80′s Glam

Fashion’s famed stylist, Rachel Zoe takes time out to answer questions submitted to her website in her “Ask Rachel” section. Recently, a RZ fan posed a question in search of fashionable supplies to inject some style into her school routine. As always, Zoe responded with expert advice, listing a variety of items that will make you want to sit & be seen at the head of the class.  


Check out Rachel’s “fashionably functional items” where she highlights Sharpie’s new 80′s Glam Limited Edition Collection!

There are so many next level options to explore, from a See by Chloe Backpack to a shocking pink Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Sleeve and Sharpie’s 80′s Glam Markers. Browse my complete list of picks below and get ready to look ba-na-nas on campus! xoRZ

Forget your old school notion of backpacks and tote your books around in one of these:

1. See by Chloe Tomo Backpack
2. Badgley Mischka Canvas Backpack
3. Rebecca Minkoff Studded Backpack

Protect your precious gadgets at all times with iPad and laptop sleeves:

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle-embossed iPad Sleeve
5. Dannijo Reid iPad Case
6. Vanessa Bruno Sequin-embellished Laptop Case

The last step to accessorizing your education, throw these fashionably functional items in your bag:

7. Kate Spade Spiral Calendar
8. Sharpie 80′s Glam Permanent Marker
9. byAMT CLE 2gb USB Key
10. Smythson Bright Ideas Notebook 



Patting myself on the back for owning the Kate Spade 2011 planner. Eep! I’m just like RZ!


Do you like the Sharpie 80′s Glam collection? Do you like T-Shirts? Of course you do!

3 thoughts on “Ba-na-nas for 80′s Glam

  1. Please–it there no escape from self-absorbed idiots like RZ? Do you think your demographic is looking to buy $550 backpacks?

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