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Sharpie Revival

Holy Moley! Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff blog has come up with a solution to the age old problem of a dried out Sharpie! (And to all you smarties out there, don’t get ahead of yourself … YES, Karen’s process does require more than just putting the cap back on the marker ;) )

Take a look at the step by step process of “rehydrating” your Sharpie..

Karen notes that usually the tip is dried out not the ink…

1st step: Pour a little bit of  the rubbing alcohol into the cap of that same rubbing alcohol bottle.

2nd step: Dip the Sharpie in the cap filled with rubbing alcohol. (Karen let it sit in the cap until she saw ink “swirling” in the cap.) 

3rd step: Recap the Sharpie marker and let that trusty sidekick of yours sit for about 15 minutes.

4th step: (Timer rings) Voila! Karen’s Sharpie was “dried out” no more!

Now, I cannot promise that this will work for all of your Sharpie markers that you wish to revive, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right!

Have any Sharpie tricks that you want to share? Tell us!

BIG thanks to Karen for posting on her blog – I tip my cap to you, friend.

Be sure to check out The Art of Doing Stuff becasue, really, who doesn’t like STUFF!?

9 thoughts on “Sharpie Revival

  1. I have found that this works for about two more “full” uses (as in more than just a few words), and then my sharpies are done for after that…

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  3. Excellent timing!
    I was just going to go through my black sharpies and throw out all the ones that don’t give a nice line anymore! :)

  4. I am a beginning artist and use a fine tip Sharpie and an extra fine tip in my drawing. My daughter borrowed my fine tip yesterday and returned it with the lid on the wrong end. I found it this morning. I tried this, very confident that it would work as the marker was in perfect condition prior to the lid being left off, and while it will now write, it will not write good enough for me to use it for my art anymore. Thanks for the idea though. :)

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