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Spring-Summer Sunshine Palette

Don’t you love Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2011 color palette? Sharpie has all 10 colors in its family – five of which are found in the limited edition 80′s Glam set. There’s no doubt the colorful hues below will brighten up your day and bring a little sunshine to your next project. 

  1.      1. Yellow
  2.      2. Banana Clip Yellow
  3.      3. Lime
  4.      4. Argyle Green
  5.      6. Blue
  6.      7. Leg Warmer Orange
  7.      8. Orange
  8.      9. Pink Lemonade
  9.      10. Jellie Pink


Sharpie 80′s Glam set fits perfectly w/ Pantone’s Spring/Summer palette

 [Pantone color palette]

3 thoughts on “Spring-Summer Sunshine Palette

  1. WOW that Jellie Pink is fabulous! (And it matches the shirt i’m wearing RIGHT NOW)

    Limited edition? :| I’m calling dibs on all Jellie Pink sharpies at the Toronto West Staples store!!

  2. It’s awesome that you guys are releasing special colors for the Spring – Summer!

    You guys should release a special page for just Summer colors in May!

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