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Tseng Signs Sharpie

The March 7, 2011 Sports Illustrated Gold Plus issue features a young golfer by the name of Yani Tseng.

Yani is quickly dominating the world of women’s golf with three major titles under her belt (Kraft’s Nabisco Championship, Women’s British Open and the LGPA Championship), not to mention currently No. 1 in the Rolex World Rankings.

S.I., takes you into the mind of the young athlete, with Tseng herself as the author of the article. With brilliant photography by Scott Halleran, readers also get a vivid shot of the golfer at an LPGA of Taiwan event. Surrounded by fans and admirers, Tseng signs autographs using a Sharpie marker with the utmost sincere expression of joy on her face. 

One thought on “Tseng Signs Sharpie

  1. Too bad the guys at Draftfcb missed the great opportunity at the Super Bowl with 111,000,000 million people watching.

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