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Threadless #WIN

By now, it’s no secret that all of us at Sharpie love the guys from Threadless, but now we’ve got an obsession. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those creepy obsessions like you see in Lifetime movies, we just really like the designs made for the Underscored tees. #WIN!

I give these drawings two thumbs up, a triple high five, and an old fashioned a “Hip Hip Hooray!”

2 thoughts on “Threadless #WIN

  1. heyyyy my name is billy jane and i just wanted to say heyyy and i LOVE LOVE LOVE sharpies. i think they are the best thing ever created. my favorit thing to do when i get bored is to draw crazy psycodelic tatoos ALL over my body with sharpies. it is so relaxing to me. and i do it almost on a daily bases. :) thanks for you wonderful and B.E.A. UTIFUL creation. love ~sharpiesbiggestfan <3

  2. I do a lot of my artwork with sharpies. Greatest thing in the world if you can’t afford $100.00 designer markers…

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