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NEW! Stained by Sharpie Fabric Markers

Just like you, the creative minds behind Sharpie are movers and shakers, always seeking to express themselves in new & creative ways. Today, extending the possibilities even further, Sharpie encourages you to evoke self-expression & let your imaginations run wild with the NEW! Stained by Sharpie fabric markers!

Think For Yourself. Ink For Yourself.

The NEW Stained by Sharpie marker line brings new life to fabric markers! Boasting a versatile brush tip, a new fade-resistant ink developed for optimal performance on most fabric surfaces and 8 bright, bold colors perfect for staining your stuff, the Stained by Sharpie marker is perfect for inking creatively on most all of your fabric surfaces.

Like all of our Sharpie products, Stained by Sharpie packs a color punch that can turn white into bright with just the brush of a marker. Need some ideas? Our new fabric markers are great for dreaming big on denim, adding pep to the step of your sneakers & tired tees, fancifying  furniture, embellishing backpacks, purses and more!

Each pack of Stained by Sharpie markers comes equipped with a brief lesson on “Stained 101.” Here’s a rundown of some things you’ll learn for the guide:

  • Ignore design rules you’ve had before and ink freely - Stain the way YOU want. 
  • Mistake? What mistake?! Throw some layers over it and no one will know the difference.
  • Drawing people is hard! When in doubt – stick it out.  Stick people are people too!
  • Anything you can imagine can be drawn. Break it down shape-by-shape.
  • Experiment with lettering – graffiti, bubble, script and more!
  • With over 600 bazillion things in the world inspiration is everywhere!
  • Care for your markers like you’d care for anything you love. Store them horizontally and with the cap on to keep that relationship alive and well. 

Also available is the New Stained by Sharpie Drawstring Bag! 

Offering the perfect surface to ink for yourself, this drawstring bag instantly becomes your own with the brush of a marker. Get creative and transform this blank canvas into your own personal billboard! (Here’s an example of the drawstring bag that we stained.) The drawstring bag is sold blank, plain white ready for you to customize with your own attitude and design, along with a set of Stained by Sharpie fabric markers and the “101 guide.”

Drop by to learn more about Stained by Sharpie markers and get your set today!

60 thoughts on “NEW! Stained by Sharpie Fabric Markers

  1. I am looking for a product I can use with mixed media (specifically to be able to write on top of acrylic paint based with gesso). Regular sharpies instantly dry up when they touch the page. What type of ink is used in the Stained Sharpie? Do you have any markers made with india ink?

  2. Hi I’ve bought the pack, and i’m not sure what to do with them, so i draw the design on the fabric, then how do I set the colours e.g. heat, wash, iron? Do I need to set the colours? How do i look after the fabric?

  3. I love these makers. I wish there were more color options. You should have packs of these like the other sharpie packs. Packs of primary, pastel, brites, and neons.

  4. Can I use these markers on a fabric that has been treated to be stain resistant?

  5. Hello, can you guys please make sharpie stained markers available in more colors? People started paying me to customize things for them after I made my cousin a hat for his birthday and I think it’d be awesome if there were more shades.

  6. Hello can you please make sharpie stained markers available in more colors? After I customized a hat for my cousin, people started offering me money to customize hats for them too, and I think it’d be awesome if there were more colors available.

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